Ukrainian Software Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

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Ukraine has already gained the position of the country with the fastest developing IT sector, as it was once named the best destination for outsourcing. Outsourcing software development to Ukraine is now a trend propelled by talented IT experts, vast expertise, and continuously improving efficiency and quality of work. 

Pros of Ukrainian Software Outsourcing

Cost-effective Development Rates

Recently, Ukrainian IT companies have increased the development cost, but overall prices remain very attractive for the US and the EU companies looking for outstaffing to Ukraine. Ukrainian software development companies offer reasonable hourly rates between $30-$50 per hour. 

Ukraine IT Outsourcing Companies in the Global Perspective

  • The total number of IT professionals in Ukraine has reached 191,800. 
  • Most popular technologies are Java, JavaScript, SQL, Python.
  • Ukraine has been included in the TOP-100 of the Global Outsourcing 100 list (13 Ukrainian companies and eight companies with offices in Ukraine).
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High Competence Levels

Ukraine counts nearly 200,000 IT experts, and there is more to come with almost 16,000 of software engineering graduates annually. A Ukrainian Java or JavaScript company can offer a knowledgeable IT pool for outsourcing. 

Enhancing Your Business Focus

Outsourcing allows company management to transfer the technical part of the project to  a trusted partner, and thus focus on strategic and business decisions to be made. 

Smart Stuff Reduction

Outsourcing allows you to have fewer people on the payroll, as you become more flexible when restructuring your software development team.

High Proficiency in English Language

In Ukraine, English is a must for any IT employer. Ukrainian society has made a significant investment in learning English as an international business language. Therefore, most IT engineers and software developers have at least a pre-intermediate level of English, while project managers are fluent speakers.

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What About Cons of Outsourcing to Ukraine?

When it comes to defining cons of outsourcing to Ukraine, there a a few points that some companies may be facing:

  • Communication issues connected with the remote mode of work
  • Potential exposure to risks with regard to cyber security
  • Possible impact on your organization culture 

When handled smartly, all the potential cons of outsourcing can be foreseen and prevented with a thoughtful management. 

New Opportunities for American and European Companies

The advancing growth of the IT industry opens new opportunities for the companies from the US, the EU and the UK. Besides, the top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine are continuously improving cooperation approaches and services quality. Businesses may save up to 60% of their total in-house IT spending by outsourcing software development to Ukraine.

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