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High-tech expertise

Our team is skilled in web and mobile programming technologies. Our developers have years of experience in custom software development, UI design, and quality assurance.


Fast upscaling or downscaling

We always do what's best for the project. If you want to change business priorities, or focus on another product, or only want to develop an MVP, we can add or remove developers to the team at any time.


Complete Transparency

You will receive constant updates on productivity, code quality, resources, and work done for each hour of work. You remain in control when it comes to the approval of major decisions regarding the product and its business model.



At the beginning of the project, you will be presented with an objective price estimate. These numbers aren’t set in stone — we can reevaluate budgets if any urgent changes arise that need to be accounted for.

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How it works

Getting to know project goals

Our dedicated software development team will get to know more about your business, long-term goals, financial expectations, and product requirements. We will assess your business idea and make all estimates beforehand so you can be sure of our transparency when it comes to development costs.


Assigning a team of dedicated developers

We can get you up to speed with our dedicated team in just 1-2 weeks. In less than a month, you will work with an experienced dedicated JavaScript development team whose expertise perfectly matches your business goals.


Starting the project

Our certified outsourcing developers will dive into the project, while managers will keep an eye out to foresee risks and find new opportunities. We will immediately start implementing technologies that fit the project and respond to your end-users' needs.


Progress updates

Elitex’s dedicated development team always keeps clients in the loop. You will receive detailed updates, visualized graphs, regular communication, and productivity stats as part of each project stage. You can identify particular areas that you’d like to pay additional attention to, and we’ll make changes right away.


Administration and support

We do all the behind-the-scenes work, so you can focus on growing your business. We take care of all the administrative tasks, manage the development team, onboard new members to guarantee the ongoing support for your product.


Scaling your product

When your business and product grows, you may need more experts on board. We assure the growth of your product by supplying the project with an optimal number of professionals.

Hiring a dedicated software development team

Assemble a reliable dedicated software development team of professionals who will seamlessly enter your team and work with your experts as one unit.

If you are looking to hire dedicated developers to build successful and productive dedicated project teams for clients in different domains, you are in the right place to hire JavaScript developers, JS programmers, or software developers.

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