Enterprise Labelling and Artwork Management Solutions

About the customer

Kallik is a global provider of labeling and artwork management solutions for regulated markets such as the pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics, and chemical industries.

Kallik’s labeling and artwork management solution enables large worldwide organizations to produce accurate, print-ready artwork for their packaging and labeling in no time. The integrated cloud solution centralizes messaging content, stores all its type, e.g. text, symbols, and logos, as structured data, and manages it in a smooth way.

Global organizations rely on Kallik to ensure compliance, guarantee product and brand consistency and reduce the risk of product recall. A list of Kallik’s customers includes famous companies and brands from the US, UK and other countries.

The challenge

When Kallik decided to approach ELITEX they strived to update and modernize their core web application, extend its features and get further ongoing development and regular maintenance. The existing version of the labeling solution was based on Java and had a powerful functionality. However, its UI was outdated and in many cases inconvenient to use.

As the client’s in-house development team consisted mostly of back-end developers, they lacked UI/front-end expertise to accelerate the process of system modernization. Our customer therefore decided to augment their expertise with a remote JavaScript development team.

Enterprise Labelling and Artwork Management Solutions
The solution

We began by involving our JavaScript/UI experts who closely collaborated with the customer’s API engineers and QAs.

Since the initial cooperation was successful and ELITEX had proven its trustworthy and strong technical expertise, Kallik has started sharing increased responsibilities with our team. As a result, the remote team has grown, adding more UI/front-end developers, Java developers, and QA engineers. ELITEX also started providing back-end/API development and testing services.

As our specialists dived deeply into the project and got a profound knowledge of it, the team became even more productive. Now ELITEX engineers use their expertise and knowledge of the product to suggest valuable improvements to it.

The result

Currently, after a long time of successful cooperation, cross-functional teams from both sides (the customer’s team in the UK and ELITEX’s team in Ukraine) are highly integrated and successfully work together to deliver in time and meet Kallik’s and its customers' needs.

Our dedicated development team that works for Kallik includes JavaScript (front-end) and Java (back-end) developers, Quality assurance (QA) engineers, a project manager, and a team lead. The project management process is based on a scrum methodology. Every two weeks the team handles demo-meetings and planners with the customer to keep up with Kallik’s expectations and set the next tasks. Additionally, people from both sides have business trips to meet each other personally.

Enterprise Labelling and Artwork Management Solutions

In the new version of the labeling content management system, which is in the process of development, we renewed and rebuilt the UI to make it more convenient, robust and provide it a fresh look and feel to reflect modern needs. Our developers also rewrote a number of components and features, including the back-end side, to accelerate the system’s performance and boost its capacity.

The continuous improvement and modernization of Kallik’s labeling and artwork management solution, blended with our fully customized approach, helped our customer to acquire and retain big clients and increase the clientele throughout the year.

For our customer, it is highly important to constantly amend the content management system in line with international market-specific demands. Consequently, a technical extension of a cloud solution is a robust platform for business growth, product expansion and realization of customized requirements in responding to the final users' enquiries. The ELITEX team successfully helps Kallik to achieve this as we strongly believe that the success and prosperity of our customers is our success and prosperity too.

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