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JavaScript / NodeJS stack

Modern, fast and powerful - JavaScript and NodeJS are among the most trendy technologies nowadays for both startups and business applications. Trusted by Google, PayPal, Uber and many others.

Frontend / UI

The user interface is the first thing your user sees when they open your web app or a site. That's why having a fast, user-friendly and beautiful front-end is so important. Usually we build SPAs.


While JavaScript is our favorite technology, we also work with some other powerful and well known tools.

Databases, APIs, platforms etc.

SQL and NoSQL databases, different cloud platforms, variety of payment gateways etc.

CUSTOM software development

As a custom software development company, we at ELITEX create software and offer Web Application Development services specifically tailored for customer needs, whether it is AI, IoT, Big Data, MVP and PoC, or cloud solutions.

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