How to Hire a Dedicated Team of JS and React Developers

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As the popularity of JavaScript is continuously growing, the demand for JavaScript developers and React JS developers is increasing exponentially. Many companies are looking to hire ReactJS developers for the development of new creative projects and mobile apps.

JavaScript he held the position of the most sough-after coding language for a few years. Consequently, React.js, a JavaScript library, is the second most widely used framework (HackerRank Developer Skills Report 2020). So, React JS development services are increasingly popular.

What is JavaScript used for? 

JavaScript is supported by all modern web browsers and employed by the majority of websites. According to Stack Overflow, JavaScript remains the most commonly used programming language for the seventh year in a row.

React JS developer working

What do JavaScript and React JS developers do? 

They work on the frontend of the websites and apps, ensuring smooth and user-friendly visuals of the product together with other frontend web developers. ReactJS, as an open-source JavaScript library, allows us to create reusable UI components and build user interfaces specifically for single-page apps. In simple words, React is a great solution for complex web development.

Where to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team

You can find a React development company online, ask for references, or look at specified platforms, such as Clutch. However, as the demand for JS engineers is growing faster than their local market can offer, more and more US and European companies are considering offshore locations like Ukraine as a good alternative for hiring skilled experts. 

Finding a dedicated team and a React JS development company in Ukraine is considered to be a good option for a startup or business that seeks cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Ask the Right Things: Main React JS Developer Interview Questions

When you decide to hire ReactJS developers or a dedicated team specializing in JavaScript, pay attention to their experience. Check if there are at least two years of coding in JS and working with React JS development. Ask if the candidate follows the hottest trends in their field and monitors changes in the React interface.  

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Remember to ask for references to have a better understanding of their capabilities. When it comes to asking the right React JS interview questions, consider the following: 

  • Ask for sample work from previous projects;
  • Ask about general programming concepts, such as closures;
  • Find out about prior experience using other technologies such as Vue, Angular, Backbone JS, etc. and other JS libraries and frameworks like Redux, RxJS, Lodash, Ramda, etc.
  • Ask the candidate to build a simple code using React; it can be a simple click counter.   

React development company to help grow your business

Hiring the right dedicated development team skilled in JavaScript and React.js can be quite a challenge today. An attractive option may be outsourcing and offshore locations like Ukraine. 

To make this process even more efficient, get in touch with our JavaScript and React development company, and get assistance in finding the perfect match for your project. Almost all React web developers at Elitex are seniors and middles. Take a look at our portfolio and join our happy lovely clients.

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