How to Hire React.js Developers and What Skills They Must Have?

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Blog / How to Hire React.js Developers and What Skills They Must Have?

As the popularity of React.js is continuously growing, the demand for React developers is increasing exponentially. Many companies seek React.js developers for web and mobile application development. As for 2023, React.js, a JavaScript library, is the most widely used framework in web development.

What is React.js?

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. We employ this library to solve the problem of partially updating web pages. When developing single-page applications, it is highly important. According to Statista, React has achieved the 1st rank as the most popular web framework developers use. As of 2023, 42.6% of the interviewed developers leverage React for application development. That is why many leaders in technology, like Meta, employ React.js, and many businesses choose to hire React developers.

We have previously written an article about the main benefits of React.js development and its outsourcing compared to other JS frameworks.

Who is the React.js developer?

React.js developers are web and app development specialists who use this JavaScript library to code applications and interactive websites. These professionals create the interfaces and features of an application. In collaboration with UI designers, React.js programmers design the look of your website or app and guarantee a seamless user experience.

What do React.js developers do?

A company that seeks to hire React developers should evaluate their experience using appropriate technical assessment and other factors. Let’s explore the primary duties of a React developer.

  • Use the React.js tools to produce fascinating UI components.
  • Create high-quality UI code from wireframes and mockups.
  • Analyze the code to improve the application’s loading speed.
  • Utilize React processes like Context and Redux APIs to extract computed data from the state and handle apps’ conditions to build asynchronous API calls.
  • Use CSS-preprocessors like Less, Sass, and JavaScript capabilities to write modern, compact, and descriptive code.
  • Build, enhance, and ensure cross-compatibility of reusable JS, CSS, and HTML components.
  • Ensure the QA process of an application, which includes integration and functional testing.
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Requirements for different React.js developers’ grades

React.js has a wide range of uses, making it accessible to professionals of all grades. However, there are differences in the professional standards for junior, middle, and senior React.js engineers. Project-specific needs also differ. We will concentrate on the skills that are most frequently required. What then are the main duties of React.js developers at various levels of seniority? Let’s look more closely.

Junior React Developer

A junior React developer can work on the project using simple in terms of complexity tasks assigned by the supervisor or the client. A junior developer typically needs help to perform complex functions as a mid-level or senior engineer. Usually, junior React.js developers have 1–1.5 years of work experience. They must be familiar with the fundamentals of both JavaScript and React. Additionally, they should be familiar with Git and RxJS and know HTML 5 and CSS 3. Additionally, junior React.js programmers should have at least a pre-intermediate level of spoken and written English.

Middle React Developer

Middle React developers can create new app projects from scratch and deploy them in addition to fixing issues with already-existing projects. A specialist of this grade may also mentor less skilled colleagues. Middle developers typically have at least two years of React experience. These experts should be knowledgeable about TypeScript, JavaScript (ES6), and Redux state management. Middle React engineers must be familiar with Front-End environments (ES6, WebPack, Unit Testing) and understand programming paradigms (MVC, MVVM, IoC). Aside from that, React.js developers should be proficient in English and have experience developing mobile applications with effective UI and consuming API endpoints.

Senior React Developer

Senior React developers are capable of leading the project, setting it up, and finishing the deployment process. They are expected to lead the team, but this is up to them and depends on their soft skill set. The average senior React.js developer has five or more years of professional experience. Senior React developers can construct RESTful services/APIs and have experience with TypeScript. Senior developers should have advanced or upper-intermediate English skills. Prior knowledge of other JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue, and Angular, will be an advantage. 

React developers skills 

Companies have high expectations of developers as a result of React’s success. However, you should look for developers with the qualifications to carry out specific project tasks and work in a goal-oriented approach. The abilities that React developers need to have are listed below.

1. ECMAScript and JavaScript

React engineers need to have knowledge of DOM manipulation, ES6 syntax, JavaScript scopes, functions, event bubbling, and hoisting. It is also critical to clearly understand EcmaScript to write autonomous React applications.

2. Technical expertise

All React developers should be knowledgeable about Rest APIs, advanced things in HTML5, and JSON. They need to be familiar with a variety of basic React ideas, including classes, hooks, props, JSX, component lifecycle methods, and functional components, among others. They should also be familiar with other IT platforms, such as Jira, Jenkins, Zoho, etc.

3. Testing frameworks

React.js engineers should be experts in using unit testing frameworks. They need to be familiar with technologies like Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Tape, and Jest. React developers have to be proficient in integration testing tools to the app project.

4. Multiple stacks

Look for programmers who are proficient in a variety of React-compatible technologies, such as the MERN stack. They should be aware of the MERN Stack and the Express-React combination required to manage multiple requests, cope with server load, and build full-stack JS apps.

5. Version Control Systems

You should hire React developers with experience with VCSs, like Mercurial, SVN, Firebase, Git, etc. Git is the most widely used of these for storing projects on code hosting services like GitHub and GitLab. Additionally, it is crucial to employ developers experienced in VCSs to evaluate current code, compare old and new code, and quickly and effectively eliminate any errors.

6. JavaScript Build Tools

Hire React.js programmers knowledgeable with various JS tools, Redux DevTools, and React Developer Tools. They should be experienced in building tools like Yarn, NPM, Webpack, and Visual Studio Code. React.js engineers need to know how to use these JavaScript Build tools to streamline workflows, handle packages, and manage dependencies.

7. CSS frameworks to style React components

React developers should know how to use the Create React App and its features. These engineers also need to be knowledgeable in various technologies, including Babel, JSX, NextJS, etc. Moreover, they should be skilled in the most popular CSS preprocessors (LESS, SASS, and SCSS), JSS, and CSS frameworks (Bootstrap and MaterialUI) for styling React components.

8. React.js workflows

Skilled React developers should know how to prioritize state management and manage projects. They must know how to work on app speed optimization. Furthermore, these developers should be familiar with well-known state management frameworks and structures like Context API, React Native, Axios, React Router, Redux, and MobX. Their familiarity with React hooks is also valuable.

9. App development planning

Make sure the developers you hire have the ability to establish workflows or tasks and complete them by the deadline you specify. In conclusion, you should work with React developers proficient at app development planning. They must be competent with task management solutions to monitor and communicate the progress of your development sprints.

10. Flexible learning curve

React offers outstanding community support. One of the best libraries available for web development, which changes and advances almost every day. When necessary, the developers must be able to pick up new technologies. In addition to these abilities, you should take into account interpersonal qualities, including efficient teamwork, effective communication, change management, original ideas, and openness to constructive criticism.

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Which companies hire React developers?

We review hiring React.js developers from the perspectives of startups, medium-sized companies, and large corporations.


Startups usually do not have large development budgets. Therefore, it is vital to minimize the amount of time needed for development in such firms. React.js now takes over at this point. This library enables building apps and websites by streamlining the reusable components and quickly integrating them. The number of hours worked and overall development costs, as a result, decrease. React.js’s excellent performance might be a huge asset for a startup as well. React application is capable of handling high user traffic and potential network loads. React.js’s features reduce development time, which is crucial for businesses that need to save time and money.

Medium-sized companies

Many mid-sized companies that have been in the market for some time now realize how important user-friendly applications are to their success. React.js can be a beneficial solution for medium-sized enterprises. With React.js, you can build a robust application and then enhance it with ready-made components, considerably decreasing the time spent building user interfaces. 

Facebook handles react.js updates and security patches. Thus, mid-sized enterprises do not have to worry about the platform’s reliability. You may create a robust and secure application with React.js. Since Facebook is in charge of it, this library will not likely get outdated in the future.

Large enterprises

Thanks to its significant benefits in terms of scalability, reusability, and security, many large corporations select React.js to develop their enterprise apps. This library has helped many well-known international companies, including Meta, Netflix, WhatsApp, and Airbnb, use React.js to create their applications.

Main benefits of React.js

Large corporations, medium companies, and startups find React’s benefits that fit their needs. Below are the most exciting benefits you can expect from React for your business application.

Open source: React offers the community, openness, and cost-effectiveness typically associated with utilizing open-source software because it is itself open-source.

Reusable components: By using reusable components, developers can focus more on developing new features rather than maintaining the existing code. React.js leverages virtual DOM to improve app performance, resulting in faster load times and more effective memory usage.

Documentation and support: With React’s popularity, various resources are available in the form of tutorials and documentation. This knowledge can help developers overcome issues and keep the project on schedule and within their budget.

Robust security: React provides substantial levels of security that guarantee the integrity of websites and applications built with this library.

Applications we develop with React.js

React.js is a flexible toolkit that may be used to develop real-time apps, such as chat with an excellent user experience, lifestyle applications, e-commerce apps, and many more. React.js is the ideal technology for creating sophisticated dashboards and data visualization solutions. It allows component reuse and quick re-rendering, ensuring real-time data updates. React is also ideal for building single-page applications.

1. Social apps. The fact that React is used to build social media apps is not surprising. This platform is ideal for services that let users watch movies, save photographs, receive notifications of other users’ updates, and post them.

2. E-commerce apps. More than other enterprises, e-commerce websites require well-designed and user-friendly websites. Smooth navigation is essential to encourage users to make purchases on our site. The FlatList/SectionList components provided by React.js make it simpler to build online store interfaces.

3. Cross-platform apps. Going native with React is a good option if you want to build an app that works on both iOS and Android. You can have your app run on both platforms if you choose React Native as a solution. Flexbox, which functions quite similarly across the web, Android, and iOS, serves as the foundation for React’s approach to app layout.

Where to hire dedicated React.js developers?

You are aware of the competencies that React.js developers need to have. However, how to find knowledgeable React.js engineers? Businesses often have a few choices to pick from, including social media, job boards, freelance platforms, in-house hiring, and outsourcing. Let’s take a closer look at these options.

You can find a React development company online, ask for references, or look at specified platforms, such as Clutch. We have previously written a top of trusted JS development companies; you can check the list. However, as the demand for JS engineers is growing faster than their local market can offer, more and more US and European companies are considering offshore locations like Ukraine as a good alternative for hiring skilled experts. Finding a dedicated team and a React JS development company in Ukraine is a good option for a startup or business that seeks cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Hire React.js developers on freelance platforms

It makes sense to hire freelance React.js developers for a modest project that needs to be finished in about eight weeks. Consider using freelancing platforms like Upwork and Toptal if you decide to hire freelance React.js programmers.

Recruit React.js developers on job posting platforms

Alternatively, you may find React.js programmers on job boards like Hubstaff Talent, Monster+, Indeed, etc. These websites save you time because candidates who are interested in your openings apply on their own.

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Find React.js developers on social networks

Searching for React developers on business social networks is a wise move. For example, do not hesitate to leverage LinkedIn. You can advertise your open positions, invite experts to apply, and actively seek out specialists with the necessary skill sets. Regardless of the hiring method you select, verifying their level of expertise is essential.

Reviews and React cases. Look at the LinkedIn profiles of the candidates who might join your company. LinkedIn profiles display a person’s skill set, client feedback, professional interests, work history, and openness to new employment prospects. Even more information than a CV may be found in a LinkedIn profile. Always ask React candidates about their successful app development cases and portfolio.

Recommendations from customers. On LinkedIn accounts, you may also find customer testimonials. How effective was this React.js developer? Do they work as a team or as individual experts? What are their advantages?

The amount of React projects. The amount of projects illustrates the experience of your applicant, the kinds of jobs they worked in, and their achievements. So, while hiring a React.js developer, this factor must be taken into consideration.

Hire React developers from an outsourcing partner

According to Deloitte, the worldwide outsourcing market will surpass $10 trillion in 2023 as outsourcing continues to grow in popularity. Depending on your demands, outsourcing firms like ELITEX can provide you with either outsourcing or staff augmentation collaboration models. Suppose you have a project that requires a variety of different expertise, such as a React.js dedicated development team, and you need a reliable partner that can fully manage all project-related activities. In that case, outsourcing will be the perfect solution for you.

When you need to hire a React developer or a React.js engineering team that will work with your in-house team for a specific amount of time, you may use the other collaboration model with an outsourcing business called outstaffing. This option is better suited if you supervise the project, but your software development services provider handles all hiring and maintenance-related tasks. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of engaging such a professional from an outsourcing firm.


  • Adding more members to the team is simple if your project calls for it.
  • Your outsourcing partner manages all recruiting, hiring, and interviewing responsibilities for React.js expertise.
  • The selected outsourcing firm is in charge of all costs associated with administration, operational tasks, and project management.


  • There may be time zone differences between your location and those of the team.
  • If you opt for an outstaffing collaboration model, you will be responsible for managing the project.

The outsourcing firm chooses candidates first and primarily based on your specifications and the developer’s availability. Following a candidate’s selection, you or your technical lead will conduct a technical interview with them. The agreement is signed if the candidate is acceptable. It takes less time to recruit React.js engineers from an outsourcing company than to identify and hire an internal expert on your own.

Cost to hire a React engineer

Depending on the region your outsourcing partner is from, the price range could change. For instance, the cost of a React developer makes, on average, $9792 per month in the United States, according to In Ukraine, the hourly wage will be between $30 and $55, and a monthly cost of between $3k – $5k, according to the job portal Djinni.

Many IT organizations turn to nearshore and offshore locations to get React engineers at a lower cost. Small and medium-sized businesses can meet their demands through outsourcing in an easy way while spending less overall.

If you are looking for a direct and timely relationship with the hired experts while hiring a developer from an outsourcing company, hiring a developer internally is excellent. If you already have an internal development team and you frequently need new developers to join it, this solution may be able to assist you.


  • Your team and the entire development process are entirely under your control.
  • An internal employee can better comprehend the company’s operation and interact with colleagues face-to-face.
  • An in-house developer may be able to resolve problems more quickly because there are no time zone differences, and you can communicate with them right away.


  • There could not be any qualified applicants available where you are.
  • You must pay a large tax bill each time an internal hire is made
  • You should manage every aspect of finding, screening, hiring, onboarding, and keeping professionals on your own.

If you have a recruiter on staff, they will be in charge of looking for a qualified applicant. Once a candidate is identified, their resume is given to the team manager or the person in charge of choosing the specialist for the ongoing project. The team leader then selects whether or not to conduct an interview. After the HR interview, the team leader will complete the technical interview. The candidate gets a job offer if the interview goes successfully. The onboarding phase and probation period, which can last anywhere between one and three months, then start.

Hire React.js developers from job posting sites

The most common hiring process is still looking for developers on websites that list open positions. The target audience is immediately reached by job posting sites, regardless of the type of developer you’re looking to hire. Numerous candidates are available for hire on several well-known job-posting websites. For example, Stack Overflow has more than 100 million views each month.

This recruiting strategy’s most major and crucial benefit is a rapid approach to finding React.js developers. You may be able to perform less screening work than with other methods, such as reaching out to applicants who are not currently looking for a job but intend to provide such a specialist with better working conditions because people on these platforms are already actively seeking employment.

The most trustable hiring sites:

  • A well-known online developer community is Stack Overflow. For Stack Overflow, more than five million people have signed up. Like GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow has a ton of specialized job openings.
  • Guru is a database of employment and skills that covers a wide range of industries, but the site’s development part is the most often visited.
  • Upwork is a freelance platform with a sizable developer community and a focus on collaboration. Some of them might live nearby and be looking for a full-time position.

Main React.js developer interview questions

When you decide to hire ReactJS developers or a dedicated team specializing in JavaScript, pay attention to their experience. Check if there are at least two years of coding in JS and working with React JS development. Ask if the candidate follows the hottest trends in their field and monitors changes in the React interface. 

Remember to ask for references to have a better understanding of their capabilities. When it comes to asking the right React JS interview questions, consider the following: 

  • Ask for sample work from previous projects.
  • Ask about general programming concepts, such as closures.
  • Find out about prior experience using other technologies such as Vue, Angular, Backbone JS, etc., and other JS libraries and frameworks like Redux, RxJS, Lodash, Ramda, etc.
  • Ask the candidate to build a simple code using React; it can be a simple click counter. 

React development company to help grow your business

Hiring the right React development team skilled in JavaScript and React.js can be quite a challenge. An attractive option may be outsourcing and offshore locations like Ukraine. To make this process even more efficient, get in touch with our JavaScript and React development company and get assistance finding the perfect match for your project. Almost all React web developers at ELITEX are seniors and middle ones. Take a look at our portfolio and join our happy lovely clients.

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