Property Management and Hotel Reservation system

About the customer

Our client’s aim is to go beyond what traditional hotel software offers and provide an all-inclusive system that does everything automatically.

Our customer offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hotel software solution that seamlessly integrates property management, global distribution, bookings and marketing.

Its clients are independent hoteliers, small hotel chains and hotel management companies. In this SaaS, they can find property management system, booking engine, channel management and reporting solutions. These features are all in a single location, which allows users to have greater control in managing hotels, distributing rooms online and performing other daily tasks.

The key features of the platform are:

  • Property management system
  • Commission-free booking engine
  • Native GDS integration
  • Revenue manager
  • Credit card processing
  • Data security
  • Customizable reports
Property Management and Hotel Reservation system
Our client is one of the top 20 hotel management and online booking software products
The challenge

Our client permanently improves the software quality, continuously adds new features and provides customization services, which creates a need for experienced software developers.

For core product development as well as side projects, the company actively uses external services and remote engineers. This approach makes it possible to build new features and extend the platform much faster in reaction to market needs and clients’ enquiries.

While having offices in the US and India plus a couple of software development vendors across the globe, the customer still needed a strong partner who could provide high-quality services and a team of top-level engineers.

When the client contacted us, it was crucial for them to hire only highly skilled software developers who could work in one office. Additionally, the experience with hiring remote engineers via platforms like Upwork taught our client that it was very important to maintain smooth communication for the specialists to adjust to the headquarters’ time zone.

Property Management and Hotel Reservation system
The solution

At the beginning, with our transparent team augmentation service, the client’s expertise was reinforced by mostly senior frontend engineers. Later on, after a successful phase of UI development, the customer decided to extend the team with backend and QA engineers to build a more autonomous team in Ukraine.

At the start of our cooperation, the customer’s dedicated development team at ELITEX was managed by team leads on the client’s side, located in the US. However, with its expansion, it was agreed that managerial roles would be defined on the ELITEX side as well, adding local team lead positions.

The ELITEX team is involved in core product development, frontend and backend development, code clean-up, refactoring, and quality assurance (QA).

As it was important to maintain smooth communication with the customer’s USA office, our engineers shifted their work schedule to provide a significant work time coverage with the client’s timezone, which allowed Skype meetings, emails and work chats within the same business day for both the Ukrainian and US sides. This approach supports the development process to run flawlessly and productively.

In the meantime, ELITEX is continuously looking for skilled Ukrainian engineers to extend the team. Within the hiring process, ELITEX is responsible for choosing the most suitable applicants, interviewing them and referencing the best candidates to the client, who makes the final decision.

Our experienced engineers also support the client’s development team from Asia – helping to handle the parts of work, which requires higher expertise and broader knowledge, providing the technical review, as well as consultancy.

Our client is a highly customer-oriented company and reacts to their customers’ needs immediately, constantly monitors the market and competitors' activities. This results in a frequent update of the business solutions, development and building of new features from scratch, such as centralized payment system and multi-room booking. The development team also works on extending the existing platform to make it faster, modern and easy to set up and navigate through for the end clients.

The result

During our cooperation, ELITEX built a strong level of trust from the customer and has successfully proven to be a reliable partner with solid expertise, who builds professional dedicated development teams out of the best engineers in the market.

Working with ELITEX helped the customer to:

  • Accelerate the development process;
  • Extend the engineering department’s capacity;
  • Significantly improve the code quality;
  • Augment its engineering team’s expertise, especially in the UI;
  • Build the right QA process.
Property Management and Hotel Reservation system

Elitex continues to provide services to the customer and help to achieve its business goals.

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