Researcher services marketplace aimed to connect experts

About the project

An online marketplace for researcher services, matching academics seeking support for their work, with experts who can help with language services, visuals, consulting, or anything else that scientists need.

Peerwith is a platform for expert-led researcher services. It helps academics seeking to raise the quality of their scientific work to connect with peers who are experts in researcher services. Peerwith’s partners are the best publishers, societies, and institutes which helps to bring author services to a wide academic audience. This way researchers gain the opportunity to improve the quality of their academic work while building lasting relationships with peers from their academic discipline.

The challenge

Peerwith was founded in Amsterdam in 2015. With an expansion to the market, the platform lacked the capacity to deal with a growing number of partners and users. When the customer contacted us for the first time, the startup was in need of software development services for marketplace extension and development of new features. Peerwith also needed the flexibility to scale the team up and down according to the development capacity that is required at the particular phase of the project.

The solution

ELITEX and Peerwith started cooperating in 2017. Before that, our client tried the services of multiple freelancers and other software development companies but ELITEX offered a more consistent approach to the work and the client decided to stay with us.

Over the years, ELITEX was flexible to the needs of the customer. The development team consisted of developers of various levels and its size changed based on the workload. ELITEX has also proven a strong ability to prepare and mentor newcomers to the project.

ELITEX can quickly scale the team up or down to meet our needs. They’re very flexible in that regard. If we tell them we need specific resources for a project next month, they recruit the people that we need, and it only takes a few days to get them up to speed. ELITEX prepares and mentors all of their employees well.
Ivo Verbeek, Director @Peerwith

While ELITEX was managing and motivating the team members from its side, from the customer’s perspective remote engineers were managed by Peerwith’s CTO, who communicated with the team on a regular basis, setting priorities and managing tasks.

We communicate online through Pivotal Tracker, Slack, and Skype, but it’s almost as if they work in the same office. Our communication methods are quite useful.
Ivo Verbeek, Director @Peerwith

The work of our developers tended to include tasks with Node.js, Express, MongoDB and Elasticsearch on the back-end side plus AngularJS and Angular 2+, Polymer, and HTML/CSS on the front-end. Webapps were deployed with AWS (Amazon Web Services) which allowed quick and easy scaling of the infrastructure at a reasonable cost.

Researcher services marketplace aimed to connect experts
The result

Our software engineers worked on various parts of the project, including such important ones as invoicing, rankings, experts and administrative sections, partners' webpages and more.

During our cooperation, Peerwith also launched a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution – Cockpit, a management console for administrative users at the partner level. It offers an aggregated view of platform projects and related solutions for vendor management and analytics.

Cockpit also provides such useful features as:

  • monitoring usage of the platform at a partner level
  • access and controlling features related to a partner / institutional account
  • administrative features (budgeting or billing)
  • reporting

ELITEX’s development team was also involved in the development of the submission portal. This service helps authors to publish manuscripts in an easier and faster way, offering automated, instantaneous feedback for their publication, powered by

While the core work for Peerwith has been already done, ELITEX continues to support the startup, developing new parts of the system and tuning existing ones.

As an outsourced team, ELITEX serves as a cost-effective development option. They have proven to be a reliable vendor that is capable of finding, training, and implementing the appropriate resources to meet project requirements. Their experience with an array of technology is a definite strength.
Ivo Verbeek, Director @Peerwith

Thanks to our client's service, users from around the world can connect with international, academic experts in researcher services who can improve the quality of their academic work, speed up the publication process for their papers, and increase the chances of publishing in high-impact journals.

Researcher services marketplace aimed to connect experts

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