TOP 10 Reasons to Outsource React Development

Top 10 reason to outsource react development
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React.js is one of the most efficient and popular JavaScript frameworks that are out there. Big companies and startups use it to ensure faster and more efficient development, promote scalability, and take advantage of high code reusability. That’s why a lot of companies choose to outsource React development.

Outsourcing React development is an efficient way to make the most out of the framework’s features. In case you are wondering how bringing an outsourcing Contractor on board can help your business, this post will offer a deeper look at the most impactful benefits of it. 

In brief, React.js dominates the framework market. It is rapidly scaling and developing, attracting both small- and large-scale teams simultaneously. To understand the impact React.js has on sites and apps worldwide, take a look at its impressive usage statistics:

Companies that use React development?

10 Reasons to outsource React.js

The demand for React.js developers is huge — at the moment, there are thousands of openings business managers need to fill. To make sure there’s an available skilled developer who will not demand a skyrocketing salary right from the start, company owners need to shift away from the in-house hiring campaigns and look for outsourcing Contractors somewhere abroad.

Indeed, trusting React development to outsourced professionals is a cost-efficient, scalable, and sustainable way of bringing new projects to the market. Here are 10 benefits that outsourcing React.js development offers:

1. Cost-efficiency

Building and sustaining an in-house team is expensive. In the long run, the costs of hiring talent, onboarding employers, investing in talent management software, and paying office rent and electricity bills are considerably higher than that of working with an outsourcing React.js development company on a project basis.

Outsourcing React development abroad is another efficient way to reduce development costs. Here’s the comparison of React developers’ salaries in the countries from the different regions:

  • US — $125,000/yr
  • Canada — $120,000/yr
  • Germany — $58,000/yr
  • France — $43,000/yr
  • Ukraine — $25,000/yr

As you can see, outsourcing to Ukraine (Eastern European market) can cut react development costs exponentially in order to allow business managers to execute more complex and expensive projects. 

2. Possibility to focus on core business activities

Standing out among competitors takes a lot of focus and concentration — these days, business managers need to be trend-watching and looking for new opportunities 24/7. As a result, there’s no reasonable way for a company owner to be distracted by paying too much attention to management and heavily investing in an in-house team.

Outsourcing helps business owners ensure they don’t get side-tracked and always prioritize their products and services over other activities. You can use this development approach to streamline business operations. 

3. Access to an advanced know-how

As a business owner, you are not supposed to be the most skilled tech professional in your company and on the market. By hiring a top-tier outsourcing Contractor to handle React.js development, you can be confident that the Contractor is hiring developers based on their knowledge of modern instruments and compliance with best practices. You are not supposed to run corporate learning activities on your own either — it’s a Contractor’s job. 

4. No extra effort to maintain a team

Other than being a considerable investment, managing an in-house team is time- and effort-consuming. You need to get in touch with employees on a daily basis, answer pressing questions, and handle corporate crises. Naturally, such turmoil can lead to burnout and reduce the manager’s overall efficiency.

Outsourcing allows company owners not to think about handling corporate affairs. Successful completion of the project is the only thing you will have to see through, letting project managers handle paperwork, team building, and communication on their own. 

5. More scaling flexibility

When companies see expansion opportunities, the lack of available workforce often creates issues in leveraging the opening to the utmost extent. Expanding a business team takes time — there’s a high risk of missing favorable growth opportunities.

Similarly, in case a manager has overestimated the potential of the project, cutting the number of people involved is a painful and exhausting process.

Working with outsourcing Contractors gives business owners more freedom either way — you can easily add more team members to the project or terminate the collaboration once it’s no longer relevant with no aftermath. As can be seen, outsourcing encourages business owners to make risk-free decisions. 

6. Less paperwork

Outsourcing React.js development allows business managers to take formalities off their plates. A business manager will not have to handle employee contracts and salary management, file financial statements, and tax returns. All the paperwork will be handled by the Contractor. In other words, a service agreement with an outsourcer will be the only document to turn in. 

7. Tax benefits

Depending on the country a company is based in, a business manager might have to pay a 30-50% overhead for each employee’s salary in taxes. For example, Japanese, Austrian, Belgian, and Israeli business owners have to pay over 50% of tax overhead per employee.

On the other hand, there are countries with considerably lower tax rates. In Ukraine, for example, there’s a 5% tax rate — that’s 10 times lower than in most EU countries. Thus, choosing to outsource React developers from Ukraine would yield considerable tax benefits that business managers can’t afford to ignore. 

8. Faster to-the-market delivery

Outsourcing helps business owners speed up the development process since more talent can handle urgent tasks — there’s no need for extra hiring and onboarding. Instead of relying on in-house resources only, you can specifically look for a Contractor capable of completing the project within the specified time frame.

Also, the outsourced team is likely to be experienced in handling projects that are similar to yours — thus, they will need less learning time and can go through development stages faster. 

9. Bringing a fresh perspective on board

Hiring an outsourcing Contractor for React development can offer your development team new insights and familiarize in-house software engineers with new practices and approaches. If a Contractor is located abroad, the team will likely use different practices and have a different train of thought. 

Getting feedback from a global audience is a valuable opportunity for business managers — it comes in handy during concept validation, user acceptance testing, and other development aspects. Chances are, an outsourcing team will offer solutions to existing problems you haven’t thought of before.

10. Wider talent pool

Outsourcing allows business owners to not limit themselves by looking among local talent alone. In case hiring talent for React web development is too expensive or developers in your region are not well acquainted with the type of project you are working on, outsourcing is an efficient way to expand the area of search. You can, for instance, look for React developers in Eastern Europe or Asia — regions with rapidly-developing talent pools. Here is a short reminder: we have previously written comprehensive material about hiring developers in Eastern Europe.

By looking for React programmers abroad, you make it easier to close the opening and facilitate human resource management operations.


React.js development is popular among small-scale and large-scale business owners since it enables the building of reusable, scalable, and easy-to-manage applications from scratch. To increase efficiency and reduce the costs of development, consider outsourcing talent. Hiring a dedicated team of React developers is a way to make the most out of the framework without losing concentration on the company’s core operations. 

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