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  • Full-stack web development
  • Back-end development
  • Team augmentation
  • Product extension
  • Tech consultancy

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About the project

Felix is a cybersecurity startup based in Singapore, providing machine learning Next-Gen Anti-Virus to fit all purposes.

For consumers, it assures the security of all applications on the computer and prevents any malware or hackers from causing harm. Plus, in High-Security mode, only the applications that consumers have used, malware-free, are permissible to run. For businesses and enterprises, the anti-virus is flexible and easily adaptable to suit any needs whilst maintaining extremely high-security assurance.

The challenge and the solution

Our cooperation with Felix Security started in 2016; at that time, our client needed help with technology development. Felix's management team had experience hiring freelancers on the services like Upwork but then decided to look for a long-term, reliable, and trustworthy partner. Felix Security wanted to get the product to market in less time with the possibility to scale in the future, and the best way to accomplish this was by partnering with an agency.

ELITEX augmented the client’s expertise with seasoned engineers, who got involved in several parts of the work across multiple projects.

From a front-end perspective, ELITEX developers examined the different parts of the product and advised on how it could be improved. It helped Felix Security to tweak the company’s technology side. Another achievement of our front-end engineers was developing a graphical UI from scratch as a fully custom solution.

On the backend, ELITEX engineers, in conjunction with the client’s in-house team, worked on building the cloud part and connecting it with the frontend side. Felix’s chief scientist was heavily involved in terms of the technologies used and provided oversight to the remote dedicated development team.

Director | Felix Security

After the main part of the project was completed, the ELITEX C++ developer continued to work on further cybersecurity platform enhancement and updates based on new OS releases. Helped with the development of system program features to protect PC from malware or ransomware attacks and monitored user actions to identify potentially dangerous steps.

Director | Felix Security

From a project management standpoint, while ELITEX handled the payroll of the team, Felix could maintain contact with the remote employees as though they were their own. The code was stored securely and could be used for further releases and changes for the customer to reference for documentation later on.

Director | Felix Security

During the cooperation, ELITEX experienced developers reviewed the existing code and gave recommendations on how to improve it. This helped the client to fine-tune the technology, enhance the product and introduce it to the market quickly.


For companies that function in the security space, it is crucial to ensure privacy and meet security standards and regulations. Following this, we can share the customer’s website and contacts upon request only.

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