Top-10 IT staff augmentation companies

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For businesses unable to employ diverse IT professionals in-house or do not need to do so, staff augmentation services are the ideal solution. There is no doubt every technical expert outside the team will need some time to familiarize themselves with the project, its processes, and technical requirements. However, the companies will spend less on that extra time than on salaries for in-house employees, who stay for a period when no tasks are available.

Choosing the right IT staff augmentation services

An outsourcing approach known as “IT Staff Augmentation” is hiring skilled external bespoke software programmers or app developers to temporarily or permanently fill open positions on a company’s internal project team. To supplement the existing team’s knowledge, a contract-based outsourced vendor provides the personnel with the required expertise. This strategy implies an accurate definition of the team’s current skills and abilities and the expertise needed.

IT staff augmentation has its pros and cons but goes on faster than project outsourcing or hiring freelancers as it offers a well-structured process where the customer can choose IT professionals from a pool of pre-selected candidates.    

When comparing reputable staff augmentation companies that can meet your company’s needs, you should take into account factors like cost per hour, team size, and the number of completed projects. These are among the most important criteria, but you should also evaluate how well the particular IT professional or team can fit your project.

To make the process of choosing the best IT staffing provider for your company easier, look through our list of the top-10 staff augmentation companies. The top IT staffing firms on the list have proven their in-depth technical expertise and excellent level of service to meet their customers’ requirements and deliver quality custom software development services for reasonable costs.

1. One Beyond, Farnborough

On Beyond offers proficiency in creating web applications and a vast range of other IT services. Other than their base location in the UK, they have satellite offices in Hungary, Spain, and Romania, gathering around 300 professionals providing onshore and nearshore delivery.

2. ELITEX, Edinburgh

ELITEX offers top staff augmentation services to fulfill requests in various industries. Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, and with offices in Amsterdam, Edinburgh and London, the company employs in-house experienced application and software developers specializing in various programming languages and frameworks.

3. INGENIOUS, Denver

Launched in 2010, INGENIOUS has a midsize team of professionals that provides custom software development, UX/UI design, and several other services. They have positioned themselves as professionals in behavioral design that helps customers to better present their businesses.

4. Luby, São Paulo

With over 20 years of experience on the market, Luby offers end-to-end tech expertise to launch new products or implement new technologies. Their multi-disciplinary teams provide development agility to meet the client’s needs.

5. Miquido, Kraków

Founded in 2011, Miquido presented themselves as a full-service software development partner for numerous clients. They offer solutions for businesses based on data-driven research, including the Artificial Intelligence field of their expertise.

6. VATES, Atlanta

VATES team consists of 350+ nearshore custom software experts based across the globe that deliver crucial skill sets for various IT projects. They help embed technology into business with Big Data, Cloud, and Machine Learning solutions.


7. Qadvance, Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Founded in 2018, Qadvance is offering IT services mainly in LATAM. Their offices are based in Argentina and Uruguay, cooperating with partners in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. 

8. LME Services, Hoffman Estates

LMS Services is an American-based IT company that mainly supports numerous small businesses that need high-level tech support for their services. Remaining mid-sized ensures that the company maintains good client support and a reliable level of communication.

9. Artech, New Jersey

Artech is a minority and women-owned business enterprise (MWBE) that is focused on staffing services and consulting solutions. With 30 years of experience, they are working towards empowering businesses through applied human intelligence.

10. ProCoders, Tallinn

Since 2015, ProCoders has provided specialized professionals to 150+ engineering teams on a temporary or long-term basis. Focusing on web, mobile, and software development, they keep over 80 software engineers working in a collaborative environment.

Benefits of hiring a top staff augmentation company

The primary objectives of staff augmentation are to relieve a temporary skills gap, obtain specific expertise outside the organization, or create a solid internal team with the help of external IT experts to get a competitive edge in the market. 

IT staff augmentation services considerably improve the in-house teams’ productivity when there is a need to solve the issues of talent gaps, slow software development processes, or need experts in a specific field. 


Established companies and startups can access a large talent pool when you hire a remote staff augmentation team. This approach makes it possible to identify highly skilled application developers with deep expertise in any programming language and popular framework – Python, .NET, Java, JavaScript, React.js, Angular, and more. Your business can hire a talented group of programmers who will be committed to your project and share the knowledge with your in-house team. 

Businesses can drastically lower their expenditures by using staff augmentation resources. For a short time, they can recruit skilled IT specialists to focus on specific assignments of your project. Employing full-time employees has corresponding costs that businesses avoid with the staff augmentation model. Such expenses as office rent and maintenance, software equipment, and tools licenses are covered by the staffing provider.

How to request IT staff augmentation services?

Companies start looking for IT staff augmentation services once they have determined what specialists, skills they need, and how many programmers they require. The probability of finding the ideal IT professionals will increase with a thorough description of the role and the expertise needed. The above list of the top staff augmentation companies can help you to have a better picture of the variety of options that the IT market offers. 

As a custom software development company, ELITEX has highly experienced IT professionals to provide for staff augmentation. We assist you in choosing an application development team or a single app developer to create cutting-edge technologies to help your company fulfill its business strategy and achieve ambitious goals. If you are looking for IT staff augmentation services to cover your software development needs, get in touch with our experts.

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