Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Outsourced Dedicated Development Team

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When it comes to finding a robust and reliable tech vendor for software development projects, most businesses choose to outsource a dedicated development team. No wonder this form of cooperation has a significant number of advantages. 

Five Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team

We’ve outlined five benefits of hiring a dedicated development team that we consider the most decision-motivating. 


Firstly, hiring a dedicated team for custom software development can be scaled according to your needs and requirements. It is meant to fit any budget, as you are free to adjust the number of experts as well as their seniority levels. 

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated software development team for a startup or attempting to find a dedicated development team for an enterprise, hiring remote outsourcing developers is a win-win option. 

Extensive talent pool  

Having well-organized project and development teams onsite certainly has numerous benefits. However, gathering all the specialists you need in one place is challenging. So why not consider remote cooperation with a top-notch expert in JavaScript, Java, or Python living in a different country or just within a few-hour flight from you?

Working with outsourced developers located anywhere on the globe appears to be more beneficial than attempting to create an innovative digital project with limited human resources. Hiring dedicated software development teams for outsourcing is a trending approach at the present time. 

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Full-spectrum flexibility 

Scale your web development team structure according to what you need at the moment. Whether you decide to decrease the number of people in your dedicated back-end development team or extend your dedicated front-end development team, you can do it quickly. 

Robust management

Have you ever wondered who is in charge of software application development teams? There is a separate role in the dedicated development team model called  PM or project manager. You won’t have to control all the development processes by yourself because the primary contact point curates the cooperation between you and your dedicated developers. 

Complex Projects Realization

A remote dedicated development team often demonstrates a high code quality and may finish complicated projects faster than an in-house development team. Experts with extensive outsourcing experience can perform ambitious tasks within a shorter period, sticking to the same principles of agility, test-driven development, pair programming, and incorporating Scrums. 


Hiring a Dedicated Development Team in Ukraine

Many companies today decide to hire an outsourced dedicated development team in Eastern Europe due to the number of advantages. Namely, a dedicated development team from Ukraine can boast Western management approaches and offer quality at a reasonable cost. 

How to Choose a Dedicated Software Development Team

Finding a reliable partner for long or short-term development projects is quite a challenge, yet it also offers several benefits. Learn more in our article on How to choose an IT outsourcing company for your project, which we have written previously. Contact our highly-experienced Ukrainian dedicated development company ELITEX in order to get an idea of the full range of possible cooperation with a remote dedicated development team.

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