React JS Advantages: Benefits of App Development on React

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React has continued to hit the global developer charts for three years, remaining at the top of the most loved JS frameworks. Undoubtedly, the reasoning for this is steel-proof, and we are going to go into more detail about why React development is so popular, what React JS can do, and what React JS benefits for mobile app development. We have previously written about the role of React.js in the global web outsourcing market and why it is a good decision. However, today we will focus on the essence of React and why it is so popular among web developers.

What is React JS

React JS is a lightweight but powerful JavaScript library for building dynamic elements in web and app development. Like any JS library, React is a pre-written code for everyday UI-related tasks. With React JS, developers generally avoid the time-consuming manual coding process. Often React JS is confused with a framework, but if anyone asks, “Is React JS a framework” the answer is no. React JS is a library for mobile and web development.

How does React JS work? Main React JS features are syntax JSX, Virtual DOM, XSS protection, Functional React JS components, and Basic state management with setState and Context API. A component is a combination of HTML and JavaScript code that includes the logic required in order to display a small part of a more extensive UI as a tree. Each of them can be built up into successively complex aspects of an application. 

Why Use React JS

What is React JS used for? Before starting the React JS era over a decade ago, coders faced significant challenges in building UIs manually with raw JavaScript or React’s predecessors like jQuery. The process was long, error-full, and cumbersome. So the processes needed automation and simplification. When Facebook engineer Jordan Walke created React JS, it significantly improved UI development. What is React JS good for? It allows devs to create large web applications without overloading the page and works on user interfaces.  


React JS Benefits  

To explain why thousands of React JS development companies choose React JS, let’s go over the top reasons they choose React.

It is surprisingly simple

The first and most apparent advantage of React JS over other JS libraries is undoubtedly its simplicity of use. It is easy to start in case you have been using the JavaScript coding language and learned a few essential functions. 

It is reusable

React JS enables developers to create reusable components. Each UI element that you’ve already written can be used anywhere. React allows you to group these elements into sections or pages and insert them anywhere needed in the project with the same functions. Eventually, you get less code, less time, simpler testing, and more consistency.  

Easy iteration of components 

You can quickly update React JS components in a few seconds. The developer needs to define each component’s logic just once and maintain the changes of the selected items either in bulk or individually.  

Accelerated Speed due to Virtual DOM

At the same time, ReactJS optimizes this by leveraging its Virtual DOM to speed up the websites. The virtual representation of DOM (Document Object Model) significantly cuts the time of the operation. React’s reconciliation algorithm calculates the minimal set of changes to be applied to the actual DOM. So instead of updating dozens of elements with every single change, ReactJS updates only one modified item. 

React JS app development  

Saying that React was a revolution in mobile app development is not an exaggeration. 

React implementation is not limited to games, and not only Facebook is written with React JS. Many complex single-page applications, web as well as mobile, are done with this technology, too.

Developers build mobile iOS and Android apps without hiring additional talent. React Native is the React JS development environment allowing coders to create mobile applications in JavaScript. They can reuse the existing code from the website instead of writing it from scratch. It significantly cuts development costs and time-to-market.  

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React vs. Angular

React.js is often compared to Angular.js as soon as they share a lot of common features. 

Developers often implement React in the React ecosystem with another library to turn it into a complete framework.  

Let’s compare React.js with Angular.js, another popular JS-based framework.

TypeScript + HTMLLanguageJavaScript + JSX
JavaScript FrameworkTechnologyJavaScript Library (View)
Two-way data binding (however, supports one-way data binding with “[ ]”)Preferred Data FlowOne-way data binding (but supports two-way data binding with ReactLink)
By scoping selector, template, style, and other properties that make up the metadata required to process a component. ComponentizationBy encapsulating all the HTML and JavaScript needed for a UI component in a single JSX file. Supports both class and functional components.
Automatic Dependency InjectionDependency ManagementNeeds additional tools
Extends the functionality of HTML. Prefers client-side rendering. Uses the real DOM.Front-end Development ApproachUses hybrid JavaScript and HTML files called JSX. Slight preference for server-side rendering. Uses a virtual DOM.
SPAs that update a single view at a time. Apps where dependency management and consistency are essential (e.g., enterprise apps).Optimal Use-caseSPAs that update multiple views at once. Apps that require heavy DOM manipulation (e.g., social media apps, image galleries). 

You may also be interested in our React.js vs. Vue.js review, where we compared React with another popular JS framework.

The future of React

At least one million pages are estimated to be React JS projects, and thousands of developers are actively implementing React for development. Prominent market players such as PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, WhatsApp, Airbnb, and others are basing their web and mobile platforms on React JS.  

React JS has overcome many shortcomings, and no other library can beat it today in developing dynamic, interactive user interfaces. Powered by a helpful developer toolset, quicker rendering, and simplifying the component scripting process, React JS is here to stay in the development environment.  

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