What Makes Lviv an Advanced Option for IT Outsourcing

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Blog / What Makes Lviv an Advanced Option for IT Outsourcing

Ukrainian IT outsourcing is an increasingly popular choice for many American and European companies. Ukraine gained popularity due to its high-quality staff for an affordable price. So, it is no surprise that the IT sector in Ukraine has become a booming field with highly qualified professionals. Innovative IT companies in Ukraine offer great talent in a European country but, compared to EU countries, for a considerably lower cost. One of Ukraine’s favorite IT outsourcing destinations is Lviv, the second most promising IT hub in the country.

Lviv IT Cluster

Some of the top IT companies in Ukraine are situated in Lviv due to easy access to a rich talent pool. Many universities deliver qualified professionals, particularly the Lviv polytechnic national university, where most gifted students graduate, so Lviv has some of the best people to hire. If the Ukrainian IT industry is one of the most popular for outsourcing, Lviv is at the heart of it. 

What Ukrainian Software Development Companies Offer

For the last decade, local business people noticed a massive opportunity in the IT sphere, so outsourcing companies started to appear rapidly and gathered all kinds of Ukrainian developers in one place. 

That’s why in this city, you may find an immense amount of front-end interns, JavaScript developers for hire, back-end specialists, and full-stack professionals with proper qualifications, experience, and outstanding English language skills. These people will effectively assist with your projects for a fraction of the cost of many other countries. 

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Lviv IT companies

There are hundreds of IT companies in Lviv, and the majority of them offer outsourcing software services to international corporations rather than developing their product. Lviv is an up-and-coming city with a long history tied to Europe and has a strongly developed tourism sector. There are many hotels, restaurants, bars, and attractions for quite affordable prices, which attracts people from all over Europe. 

There are direct flights to the EU from Lviv. Surprisingly, Lviv can also be a hub for travelers heading to the Middle East. This makes it a perfect grounding for IT companies. With the airport situated 15 minutes’ drive from the city center, you can visit your Ukrainian tech vendor company even during a layover of a business trip. 

ELITEX office - JavaScript coders

ELITEX, software development, and JavaScript experts

With ELITEX, you can find the top software engineers in Ukraine for outsourcing. Our company offers software testing services along with dedicated development teams and JavaScript developers for hire. Get the best-in-class IT experts for your project with ELITEX. 

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