Trends in Javascript Game Development

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Most of the impressive games available in the market today, i.e., Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, God Of War, etc., are developed with C++, impressive budgets, and a handful of talented developers. Still, this language used to be dominant for game programming. The world has changed, and along with C++, Python, Java, Javascript for game development is widely used nowadays. 

JS is an excellent option if you need to get a simple, intuitive project with available JS developers. With a massive GitHub presence, it is one of the easiest languages to learn. Here’s the roundup of game development with Javascript, including primary technologies, pros, and cons of utilizing JS. 

Introducing Javascript Game Development

Game development using Javascript has proven to behold some advantages over other programming languages. Being one of the most popular languages for creating games, Javascript naturally works well with CSS and HTML and is an excellent match for developing online games. 

Besides, it can be implemented both on the front- and back-end; Javascript has many frameworks and libraries and a helpful online community. This is a great plus in today’s multi-platform environment; Javascript is used for desktop, Android, and iOS Apps and hardware. It can also be used for scripting with Unity3D.

Pros and Cons of Javascript Game Development

Javascript for game development has some pros and cons of utilizing it depending on the resources, project goals, and context.  


  • Easy to learn and use for people experienced in Javascript application development 
  • Runs on a large variety of devices that work with a web browser
  • Easily ported to Windows Universal App (the windows app store for desktop and their mobile devices)


  • Not the fastest performance-wise, but it fits perfectly to make a simple 2D game
  • Programming the saving options for users can be a bit complex  
  • Code can be hacked 

Yet, many developers have adopted JavaScript for internet game creation after the end of the Flash Player era. It demonstrates how JS and HTML5 can be used to represent visuals simply on the web. 


Games Running on Javascript 

Here’s the outline of the most popular online games built-in Javascript.  

Javascript Pseudo 3D Racer is developed using HTML5 language and JavaScript and is more suitable for modern web browsers. There are four versions of the game evolution, and its progress can be easily checked step by step through the Github repository. 

Pacman-canvas is entirely rewritten from scratch in JavaScript and HTML5.  

Tower Building has unique colors and designs and is developed with the latest HTML5 and updated ES6. You can download its source code for free on GitHub.

mk.js Game is an arcade game available in three modes depending on the number of players: one, multiple, or a network. Based on the concept of Mortal Kombat and Tekken, Mk.js is created with HTML, CSS3, and Javascript for logic.  

Ministries JS Game was made based on good old Tetris. React, and Redux JS structures, and HTML5 were utilized to create it.  

Clumsy Bird is a lightweight open-source copy of the famous Floppy Bird built on HTMl5 and MelonJS. It perfectly illustrates how JS and HTML5 can be used for Javascript game development.   

HexGL Game can boast a great UI and visual depiction. It is an open-source game built on JavaScript and HTML5.   

2048 JS Game is a variation of the popular Play Store’s 1024 game. It is a one-player online riddle game, developed by Italian web designer Gabriele Cirulli, using JavaScript CSS3 and HTML5. Since it is a game with MIT License, you are free to add anything to it, go ahead.  


Frameworks for Javascript Games Development 

Besides JS, Javascript developers utilize various libraries and frameworks for game app development depending on their knowledge and experience. 

Three.js is one of the most popular Javascript 3D libraries and a cross-browser API for displaying animated 3D computer graphics objects in a web browser. Its simple set of functions enable you to execute common operations for a 3D scene. 

BabylonJS is performant and straightforward, offering more abstraction than ThreeJS and provides you with more pre-built tools to manage your 3D visuals.

PhaserJS is a comprehensive set of tools for web and mobile game creation. Despite the severe performance issues of its previous version, Phaser2, Phaser3 has them all fixed and is one of the most performant web game frameworks available now. Besides, its large community and availability of tutorials make it easy for newbies to make their first steps in game creation. 

PixiJS enables efficient 2D object rendering. It is a library explicitly tailored for that purpose and is the fastest WebGL 2D renderer available.  

ImpactJS used to be the first performant framework. Now it is open-source and has a good level editor, but not as widely utilized as before, as it’s not the most simple or documented, yet well tested and extendable.  

Virtual Reality web platform is also built with JS. JavaScript API enables using virtual reality in web applications. This technology, which is not new nowadays, is used in games. The WebVR API captures information on VR Devices connected to a computer and it catches headset position, orientation, velocity, and acceleration data. This JavaScript API converts this information into valuable data that can be leveraged in online games.

How to Make a Javascript Game 

Planning a gaming project requires time and effort to find the right talent to do so during a limited time and budget. If you are looking to hire Javascript developers for JS Game Development, contact ELITEX. We will help your product to succeed by finding the right people. 

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