Dedicated Development Team — Full Guide To Choosing The Best Contractor

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Outsourced developers have shifted from being the ones assigned to complete smaller tasks to full-on tech partners which help to validate the concept, business model, ideate the process, write code, run tests, and deliver final maintenance. Now, a dedicated development team can become a trusted partner that’s often engaged in the project on a regular basis.

Because the scope of the dedicated team’s workload has changed so much recently, business owners have been especially careful about choosing dedicated developers. It’s an investment that will pay off for multiple years. In this post, we will share some tips & tricks for those looking for a dedicated software development team.

Primary Challenges When Looking For Dedicated Development Team

Facing too many options

In 2018, the global size of the software outsourcing market amounted to $85.6 billion, as opposed to $45.6 billion in 2000. In 19 years, the market has grown at an incredible pace, creating new cooperation tendencies. It, therefore, becomes increasingly more challenging to choose the best provider for the project. 

Not understanding what choice criteria to set

Business owners, overwhelmed with choice options, don’t know where to start their evaluation. There is always a chance of ending up with jack of all trades — a team that offers in many IT services but isn’t proficient at any of them. Another risk would be choosing a team that’s good with the technical aspects of software development but has poor management and communication skills. 

Determining which region to choose 

Even though markets are more or less united in terms of developers’ technical expertise, there are still a lot of dynamic variables that vary from one country to another, such as time zones, language knowledge, hourly work rates, and overall market maturity.

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Dedicated Development Team rates across the world

Usually, the United States and Canada are considered to be premium markets because an average hourly rate for software developers starts at $80 per hour, which is rather high. By contrast, in Ukraine (Eastern Europe), the hourly rate for dedicated development team starts at $25 per hour.

Not understanding how to evaluate potential Contractor

Ultimately, even if the business manager has defined choice criteria, there is still a chance of having improper expectations. Sometimes, a product owner isn’t familiar with the complexity of the task and tends to underestimate the challenge. In other cases, software development teams might overestimate the task, profiting from business owners’ lack of experience.

How To Research IT Outsourcing Companies

Even though it’s common to think that these issues can only be solved with experience, in-depth research can bring clarity to all problematic aspects.
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If you take your time to understand the specifics of the outsourcing market and offshore team’s methodology, you will easily get through these roadblocks. Here’s how to do it. 

1. Familiarize yourself with a market

First, you need to define the country for your offshore search. Several aspects need to be evaluated.

  1. Hourly costs. The hourly rate of a junior software developer is much higher in the U.S. or Western Europe than a dedicated development team in Ukraine, for example.
  2. Time zone differences. When working with outsourced developers you will have to deal with time zone difference — from 2 to 10 hours and even more. However, time issues can be easily mitigated when carried out by a professional team of developers who has a strong record of working on the outbound markets.

2. Verify information about the software provider

Usually, a dedicated development team is the one to provide the answers to technology — and management-related questions. It’s difficult to know if they are transparent about actual practices or just telling business owners what they want to hear. You shouldn’t rely merely on the words — it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion.

For that, you can contact previous clients of the company. If the provider mentions particular business and personalities, reach them out via LinkedIn or Facebook. Ask them if they have worked with this company and inquire about the overall impression.

You can also check different online platforms that offer reviews and ratings, particularly for the providers of software development services. These websites evaluate the quality of companies based on the reviews from verified clients. Here are the most popular:

  • — an independent platform that evaluates the expertise of outsourcing providers in software development, testing, web design, and marketing. The Clutch team checks the validity of the testimonials by independently contacting the authors of the reviews.
  • — just like Clutch, GoodFirms aggregates the leading software development providers from different local markets and comes up with TOP lists for particular development areas. The evaluation is based on the company’s portfolio and client reviews. 
  • — here developers have to contact the moderation team directly and send a full review of their professional activities. The team reviews the request and after a personal approval, adds the company to their directory. 
  • — a detailed rating collection of mobile developers. The companies are required to present their work expertise, reviews, portfolio, detailed information on cost and deadlines, as well as tech stacks for every project.

How to Evaluate A Dedicated Software Development Team

When you have a lineup of best dedicated developers you can make a final choice. Start your selection by evaluating the company’s experience and past work. Some companies position themselves as long-term IT partners and offer a full package of IT development services. Others specialize in low-cost refactoring and testing. Before you make a choice, you need to know which fields belong to the team’s strong suit.

Evaluation process

Also, make sure that products, developed by a dedicated development team, actually made it to the market. For example, if these are mobile app developers, take a look at the products done by them on Google Play or App Store.

How To Start Working With Outsourced Developers

Several pillar steps are essential for every successful project. Skipping even one of them could lead to management difficulties and long-term complications. 

1. Outline your idea and business model

Make sure that a team understands your business model and is invested in what they do. You want an honest tech partner who is well qualified enough to develop a product that can succeed on the market. 

2. Set all your expectations upfront

A dedicated development team has to get the vision of your project. For that to happen, set all your expectations before work starts. Tell them what kind of projects you had before and show the outcomes so they can better understand what they should aim for. State all your functional and performance requirements.

3. Outline all possible risks 

Ask your software development outsourcing provider to assess possible risks in advance to understand what additional monetary costs you may face along the way. You also want them to come up with a problem-solving strategy for any issues that may occur.

4. Go through the management side of a project

Specify which tools will be used for communication and management, schedule all the meetups in advance, determine what systems will be used for the control and monitoring process. Make sure that you and outsourced developers are also on the same page about all terms and conditions and that they are specified in the Contract.


A good outsourcing development team works as a long-term partner, emphasizes on understanding your business logic and end-customers’ needs. At Elitex, we make sure that our products are capable of driving profit in the long run.

We create web development projects with JavaScript / Node.js / Angular / React and Python and provide UI development and quality assurance services, making sure that our skills contribute to particular business goals.

If you want us to take a look at your project, just drop us a line. We can join your project at any development stage, from its ideation to post-release maintenance!

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