Top-10 Global Companies Using JavaScript

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Today no one would question the importance of Javascript for website and app development. Flexible and light-weight, JS can be both used for backend and frontend, allows Javascript developers to deliver the product to customers quickly, and enables incredible speed to anything you develop on it. As the popularity of Javascript software development is peaking, so is the demand for Javascript development services. Let’s take a look at the world’s top companies using JS and Javascript frameworks for the maintenance of their online platforms.


Facebook has invented its way of using JavaScript and made each Facebook interface a collection of independent JavaScript apps. Facebook created React, one of the most popular front-end frameworks.  


Javascript is everywhere in Google’s products: search results, Gmail web client, Google Docs, browser Chrome, etc. all written in JS. Google has an opportunity and resources to develop its JavaScript tools, such as AngularJS, that has become one of the most loved JS frameworks. What is more, Google is responsible for creating Node JS as the basis for Chrome’s V8 engine. 


Microsoft relied on Javascript to build Edge web browsers and developed its SJ engine for that. Besides, Microsoft supports Node on the Azure cloud platform by integrating significant Visual Studio support for Node. They have also developed a version of Node for its IoT applications.  


PayPal, one of the largest fintech and online payment system leaders, uses Node JS in production almost since the very start. The fact is that they were using Java for the backend at first (just like Netflix did), but then PayPay adopted Node JS for their backend. 


LinkedIn has over 60 million unique users using their mobile applications. To perform at such a scale the company needed a performing technological solution. LinkedIn used Rails for its mobile site, but it was too slow and poorly scalable. LinkedIn switched to NodeJS to solve its scaling problems. The company appreciated two advantages: the scale and the way Node communicates with its platform API and database.

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Instagram has entirely used the ReactJS library. A vast number of its features, such as far loading, Geolocations, Google MAPs, image, and video delivery, and uploading, etc. are implemented due to ReactJS.


One of the world’s largest retailers used Java to create an enterprise-grade platform. But then they needed a faster and lighter mobile website version and used Javascript. After it worked out, Walmart replaced Java with NodeJS.l in other places, too. Among the advantages of the new technical solution, the company names better performance, and modularity allowing the development team to implement changes and fix bugs much faster.


Uber app requires an extremely fast and scalable technological solution to handle a huge amount of requests. Uber app has to handle loads of data in real-time, as numerous requests are continuously coming. It tracks locations, processes requests, and payments, and must do that fast as possible. These features are now easier to develop and maintain thanks to Node.js and JavaScript. Node.js ensures fast matching riders and drivers, as well as quick iterations. 


It based its tech stack on Java, but a few years ago, they switched to NodeJS to handle an issue with a specific service that Java could not handle. So they migrated their entire user face stack to NodeJS. Moving to Node.js was a big time saver for the global marketplace, its developers say.

Capital One

Capital One is a U.S. bank holding company, specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts. This large American company has 50 thousand employees on board. Capital One switched to Node.js to ensure its tech stack. As the main benefits of this Javascript framework, their developers’ team name a significant improvement in response times.


Another fintech company using Javascript and Node.js is Citibank. It is one of the world’s biggest consumer banks. Citi uses JavaScript-based technologies in its stack to offer clients fast mobile services.

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