How Global Pandemic Changed the Way We Look at IT Outsourcing

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The world is never going to be the same. The technology world is no exception. No matter how weird it may sound, but the inevitable truth is that the global software development environment can now be defined as pre- and post-pandemic. Most businesses and companies are undergoing a significant digital and structural transformation as they must adapt to the new reality. There is no doubt that the crisis changed the approach to IT outsourcing, and that the coming trends in the tech industry in the post-pandemic period will count the quarantine experience. 

How Quarantine Affected The Tech Industry Business Environment

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many companies faced significant IT challenges in terms of quality, security, and agility. The Covid-19 crisis just made businesses undertake imminent actions using their software to ensure the continuity of work processes in remote mode. This way of working has been something new for many of them. Companies had to switch to a 2-month remote mode, which required significant efforts from their IT teams. 

In these unprecedented circumstances, companies and organisations faced a set of new challenges, such as business continuity and security risks, but also sudden changes in product volume and workforce, fast decision-making, etc. Managers and executives had to adjust business strategy in real-time, and address system resilience issues immediately. Their actions at the very start of the crisis were to define their company’s further operations. But it also became vital for companies to adjust to an ever-changing environment and implement the lessons taken from this crisis to now build strong bases for future projects.

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How COVID-19 Changed the Way We Look at IT Outsourcing

The post-pandemic world is more open to IT outsourcing than ever before. Businesses have realised the benefits of having a reliable IT partner, as much as a well-established software infrastructure to continue work during the crisis. Solid experience of providing quality IT services in a remote mode has become a key factor. 

Why should you give a chance to outsourcing development during quarantine?

IT outsourcing has long been a trend in the tech industry and has some state-of-proof benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • Access to the global talent pool
  • Scalability 
  • Extensive security practices 

Remote As the New Normal

Remote mode is not only about safety and isolation. It’s now proven to be an equally effective way to continue business operations safely, as long as high-security standards are guaranteed. Most of our IT professionals, web developers, and programmers have worked in remote mode well before 2020, especially those engaged in IT outsourcing. 80% of IT companies in Ukraine have already used remote work mode. During the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately 98% of IT professionals in Ukraine have been working from home.

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How Ukrainian IT Companies Handle the Crisis

Like all the other businesses in the world, Ukrainian IT companies had to go remote. Some of them shifted to the work-from-home model, partly allowing some staff to attend the office. Others have shut down their offices, ensuring employees could safely work from home.

Some of the IT companies in Ukraine report that they had to stop working on ongoing software development projects due to the crisis. Yet most of the big players in the tech market say they haven’t decreased their programmers’ teams, instead, they have had to cut some other expenditures.

Where are we heading? 

The growth of the US and global tech markets is expected to drop to around 2% in 2020 (according to Forrester). At the same time, software spending growth is predicted to decrease to 2%-4% in a best-case scenario. However, the decline might be more significant, as the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is still unknown, and thus it couldn’t be measured at the time when this research was conducted.

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Software development and IT firms are facing a new reality as the second wave of coronavirus is predicted by pandemic experts. Therefore, the companies are implementing new approaches to comply with the given situation. It’s now about managing teams in a remote mode, adapting to a different industry environment, and understanding customers’ new needs in software development and maintenance.

More and more companies consider the work from home mode as the new acceptable norm for their employees, even when the coronavirus crisis ends. Software security and business communication privacy concepts are gaining more importance than ever. Meanwhile, firms will start seeking remote services even more than before, considering IT outsourcing, which was always an efficient solution, as their only reliable option.

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IT companies: new strategies and new targets post-pandemic

Like the whole world, IT businesses must reconsider their strategies to adjust to the new normal and the new business environment. However, the virus crisis has also created a new demand and boosted a range of industries, like medicine, internet security, online education, or internet communications. IT outsourcing companies should take this as an opportunity. The software development firms that produce apps in these growing industries will be the winners of tomorrow.

ELITEX is also in a remote mode. Our programmers and JS developers have proven they are capable of delivering a high-quality service while working from home. Our team has developed software solutions for various industries and has earned high evaluations from top-companies. If your business needs a trusted and efficient IT partner in these uneasy times, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

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