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Companies push forward with technological inventions, robust security solutions, and digital transformation, while the market leverages general and custom software development to adapt to current needs. 

What is the difference between generic product development and custom software development?

A generic software product is developed according to future updates, basically to keep the generic preferences and requirements of a specific category. As soon as a business requires the solution to be more customizable and unique to resolve specific issues, it must be customized.

Meanwhile, custom software development is about tailor-made software developed according to the time, the budget, and the needs defined by you to serve your specific company needs.  

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What are the advantages of custom software development?


Developing custom software for your project ensures that the solution will be highly customizable and thoroughly tailored to your individual needs. 

Cost-effectiveness concerning long-term investment

Although custom software development is initially more expensive than generic development, it proved beneficial in the long run, as you will use it without further investments.

High security against external threats

Open-source software is hacked more often than custom-tailored since developers optimize security to minimize vulnerabilities.


Custom software is highly scalable according to your needs in the future compared to generic solutions.


Custom software is developed to be well integrated with other solutions and tools that your business implements. Meanwhile, generic software often has integration issues and requires extra costs to get compatible.

Quick integration possibilities 

Custom software is more open for quick and easy integration whenever it is necessary to adapt existing software to new tech approaches.


Artificial Intelligence solutions 

AI is widely implemented in various applications such as chatbots, data analytics, robots, image, and voice recognition software, machine learning algorithms, etc.  

Blockchain technology

Banking and finance use blockchain solutions for safety, data processing protection, and operations. Blockchain is also popular in insurance, healthcare, agriculture, trading, logistics, etc.   

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS is one of the three cloud computing service models and aims to simplify web application development. This model enables programmers to rent everything they need for app development, relying on a cloud provider for necessary tools, infrastructure, and operating systems. 

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT has been consistently adopted in custom software development. As the number of connected devices is expected to exceed 22 billion by 2024, they will leverage IoT’s capabilities to a new level.  

SPA’s (Single-Page Applications)

A single-page application is a solution loading only a single web document. With SPA’s, people can use websites without loading whole new pages from the server and get a faster and more dynamic experience. 

Which Language Dominates in Software Development: JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Java/Scala, or Python?

JavaScript continued to dominate among coders in the list of the most used programming languages in 2020 – approximately 68% of developers claimed to use JavaScript, according to Statista rating. Python keeps up with JS, with 44% of coders using it in their work, thus overtaking Java with 40.2%. 

Prominent market players like PayPal, Linked In, and Netflix continue to push forward JavaScript and demonstrate significant gains in productivity, while PayPal is currently switching all its systems to JavaScript

How Does Software Development Help Different Industries?

Industries are using custom software applications for brand promotion and profitability enhancements. Custom software application development has changed the way how companies bring their business to the next level. Here’s a quick overview of industries hugely benefiting from custom software solutions.  


The COVID-2019 pandemic has significantly accelerated the healthcare path to digital. Health IT, wearable devices, mHealth, as well as telehealth, and telemedicine are currently on the rise and continue to develop at an unprecedented pace. Custom software app development in healthcare and medicine helps both service providers and patients with an improved medical facility, quick service, reduced complexity, and compliance with major industry standards and regulations.


Cybersecurity in the financial industry, speed and reliability of internal operations, and user-friendly fintech solutions are some of the main reasons for investing in custom software development.  


Customized software apps in retail enable the industry players in order to improve customer service and functionality and reduce related operational complexities. Custom applications help demonstrate comprehensive project information, promote products, reach out to customers, and increase sales.  

Education and Online Services

Due to pandemic limitations, E-learning software experienced a significant rise in the new normal. Educational institutions started extensively using custom applications for single-platform online learning, database management, etc.  


At the present time, consumers prefer to access services with fewer clicks. Entertainment services have gone online and strive for great ease, intuitiveness, and customer convenience.  

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Significant Reasons Why Outsourcing Custom Software Development Is Good for Your Business

What drives businesses to outsource their software development to third-party companies? There are many reasons behind such decisions, among which are the following: 

It’s cheaper

Outsourced work allows you to cut up to 70% of costs compared to in-house expenditures in Europe or North America.  

It takes less time

Your project gets shorter time-to-market with experts working on it around the clock as well as improves competitiveness. 

It’s very flexible 

Outsourced projects are very scalable – changes can be introduced whenever necessary without significant losses. 

Great professionals on board

Outsourcing opens the international talent pool where you can find and hire professionals for any project you need. You’re not limited to geographical restrictions.

It’s techy and up-to-date

With various people from worldwide working on your app, you get access to continuously evolving technological progress and keep up with the latest market trends.  

It’s safer and less risky

Outsourcing companies often take full responsibility for developing your project and its safety. They implement all necessary measures to minimize risks associated with custom software development.  

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How to Choose a Custom Software Development Company

Getting the right outsourcing partner is often an issue for businesses: where to start, which questions to ask, and how to find your perfect custom software development match without spending months on searches. We have prepared a quick guide on hiring outsourcing software companies in order to take you through this journey.

In case you seek outsourcing opportunities, contact experts at ELITEX – we’ll ensure that your project will drive profit in the future and meet your expectations. 

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