Best Practices of Software Development Project Management

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Many software development companies worldwide are fighting for the best recipe for perfect project management. Unfortunately, no one-remedy advice would apply to all development projects.

Some newcomers think they can achieve great results simply by hiring a professional software engineer. However, having a good tech expert isn’t enough to guarantee success.

Of course, the successful completion of the project depends on technical expertise, but it’s just half of the deal. Performance can become better, faster, and more efficient overall only through effective project management, which will bring brilliant results. 

In fact, project management best practices might vary in different companies. Some, however, are applicable everywhere and can radically improve project performance. Let’s take a close look at them.

Project communication

Effective communication in project management is the key to a project’s success. Project managers are the main point of communication on the project and must keep all related parties updated throughout the project’s lifecycle. Usually, project managers prepare a working communication plan for the team and all stakeholders so everyone understands how often and when they will communicate regarding different questions.

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Project Planning – establish scope and objectives

Software development project planning is crucial for a successful result, no matter whether you are developing a simple one-pager or complex software for your enterprise.

During the planning phase, it’s best to meet with all the stakeholders first and understand their expectations to develop a project plan that benefits everyone.  

Establishing a scope statement and a clear list of objectives is essential early in the project life cycle. The scope should also answer basic questions like project goals, deliverables, quality standards, etc.

Project documentation

One of the key project management practices is always to maintain a detailed project log where every decision is explained. 

The list of documentation also includes Project Plan – we’ve already mentioned it above, Change request control log – for quick response to changes if there are any, Communication plan, Stakeholder register, Risks, and Contingencies log, etc. It’s good project management practice to share such a list with all stakeholders to be on the same page.

Risks analysis

Risks are an inherent part of any project. We always try our best to avoid risks, but preparing contingency plans in case such scenarios ever happen is the right idea. An active risk response plan would save from unnecessary project delays as the team would be equipped to tackle any risky situation as soon as it occurs.

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Review and reflect on the performance

Monitoring and controlling processes continually track, review, adjust, and report on the project’s performance. It’s important to find out how a project’s performing and whether it’s on time, as well as implement approved changes. Regular meetings with the dedicated development team are held where all members discuss the shortcomings of the project and the strategies they must implement to overcome them.

Follow quality standards

Quality control is essential to building a successful business that delivers products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. It also forms the basis of an efficient company that minimizes waste and operates at high productivity levels. You should have a clear idea as to what constitutes “quality” throughout the project’s lifecycle. It must be based on standards acceptable to every stakeholder, especially those on both sides who must sign off on the final deliverables.

Apply Agile software development methodology 

The Agile methodology represents a group of frameworks based on iterative development where collaboration between cross-functional teams is the main priority. Agile software development is an efficient solution as it enables self-organizing teams to deliver results faster, with better quality and aptitude to respond to change, which makes the whole project incredibly adaptive.

This approach is the best choice when talking about custom software development services. Moreover, it is proven that an agile-based approach attracts more creative developers and talented coordinators, so there’s a higher chance that you will receive a top-notch product. 


Ensure transparency on the project

Everyone in the team should be on the same page and have visibility into the big picture in order to collaborate more effectively. This significant characteristic makes agile project teams perform better than others in a similar setting.

Sharing the customers’ expectations and time consumed can help team members better orient themselves and evaluate their priorities. The team should be cued in if there is any change in the project’s scope, budget, or deadline. They need to know what exactly changed, why, and how it impacted their work. It is one of the most critical responsibilities of the project manager.

Building an effective team

Building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills. It’s a long way that requires daily effort. Giving effective feedback, holding 1on1 meetings, and working on continuously improving team members – it’s just a tiny part of this section.

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Regular reporting 

Conduct regular client Status Meetings – the best way to keep everyone engaged and on the same page. Additionally, preparing standard status reports, which include spending time and detailed descriptions, will bring the customer more clarity on how things are going. 


Wrapping things up, building a team, utilizing your experts’ strengths, and ensuring you have an excellent project manager are the basic ingredients to receive remarkable results. 

Being able to meet software development standards, ELITEX is able to provide you with all the constituents for your projects’ success. Our strong expertise in app development and custom JavaScript development will help you get better visibility of what your company needs to achieve its business goals.

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