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Our Node.js web development firm produces high-performance, future-proved, and flexible web and mobile apps. We ensure the highest standard of Node.js development to fulfill your business needs. With our up-to-date expertise and advanced skills of senior developers on board, you will receive lightweight and highly efficient products. Node.js is a cross-platform runtime JavaScript environment for developing real-time applications. It ensures the creation of lightweight software with high scalability and load, data processing, and excellent performance.

Solutions We Develop with Node.js

Our highly-skilled developers utilize Node.js to build scalable software for a variety of industries that is delivered quickly and proficiently. Experienced Node.js programmers can produce custom applications of all sizes and levels of complexity. ELITEX, as a Node.js development company, develops various backends for real-time online applications and high load applications using modern technologies and approaches, like microservices and event-driven architectures. We can also provide you with dedicated Node.js devs to augment your current team and requirements (regardless of your project’s complexity).

Custom Node.js Development

Node.js is an ideal ecosystem for full-stack development, which entails creating bespoke client-side and server-side apps. To meet your company’s needs, we design industry-tailored, high-performing, scalable, secure, and UI-rich applications.

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Node.JS API Development

We use Node.js to create a secure and ready-to-use API from scratch in a short period. Our Node.js programmers are experts in building scalable and reliable API-based applications for businesses.

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Real-Time Apps Development

Everything focuses on speed in the real-time app development process. Node.js leverages Chrome’s V8 engine to handle asynchronous queries, which provides the best highly performant tool to build real-time applications. Node.js is a perfect choice for developing sustainable and scalable real-time apps.

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Dedicated Node.js Team

We can extend your team with our Node.js engineers and a project manager to fill your needs and technical skills. You can hire senior Node.js developers within less than a month to scale your team, and empower a fast software development. Being excellent team players, our coders will perfectly fit your team, and the integration process will go as smoothly as possible.

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Node.js Benefits for App Development

Our engineers define the primary benefits of selecting Node.js development services for your project based on the requirements. We consider this technology fast, scalable, cost-effective, and versatile. Using modern system design principles Node.js can be used to create distributed systems with scalable microservice approach and data intensiveness.

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One Language for Frontend and Backend

Using Node.js, you will not have to hire separate front-end and back-end developers. Both sides of the app can be produced using the same language, JavaScript. This reduces the development time, improves the app’s maintenance, and saves the budget.

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Scalable and Flexible

The horizontal scaling ability of Node.js is a great asset. Node-based apps have the potential to expand by adding new capability nodes or resources without changing existing codebase. The flexibility of Node.js makes it appealing to both startups and well-established companies.

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Fast and Lightweight

Node.js is one of the fastest application technologies since it is powered by Google’s V8 JS engine. The use of an event-driven architecture allows Node.js to perform non-blocking. It runs code at the fastest possible speed. It makes the app lighter, faster, and more pleasant to use.

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Best for Microservices

A microservice architecture is based on independent services, similar to some sort of distributed computing. Each of these services is responsible for a particular functionality and could be developed by a separate team with a different technology stack. Our dedicated Node.js coders split up the development process, thus delivering top quality and high reliability.

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Rich Ecosystem of Tools and Libraries

Node.js is rich in libraries. Being well developed, they make Node.js highly popular and boost the development process. Node.js is also a great solution when the app has to communicate with the platform API and database. Hence large companies have adopted Node.js for their backend development and server-side programming.

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Cost-Effective for Enterprise Solutions

Node.js has the ability to handle a large number of connection requests efficiently and enables us to guarantee cost-effectiveness without affecting solution quality. Furthermore, Node’s microservices architecture is ideal for constant growth even with a limited budget.

Our Experience in Node.js Development

ELITEX delivers world-class Node.JS development services to companies in the US, UK, and EU. To achieve business objectives, we combine our technical knowledge and Node.js platform capabilities.

We have built Node.js app projects for a wide range of industries. With our bespoke Node.js development services, you will receive a server-side web application that can accomplish a multitude of functions.

With our high-end Node.js services, we develop robust and productive apps to power companies with new business opportunities and save time for software testing. Node.js is a powerful environment for developing apps that can handle millions of daily visitors and a huge volume of data.

Hire Our Node.JS Developers

Our skilled Node.js development team can assist you in rapidly creating the back-end, dynamic web apps, web servers, real-time web APIs, and other solutions.

To create scalable, highly-performant apps, we produce highly testable and maintainable JavaScript code. Our experience with a variety of web development tools allows us to select the best one for each project based on its requirements and expected business growth. We select the best approach to deliver the product to your business more effectively, while ensuring cost-efficiency in app development.

With centers in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Ukraine, we have a strong outsourcing and nearshore project delivery approach. ELITEX, as a skilled Node.JS development company, offers various engagement plans for software development projects that are tailored to the client’s needs.

ELITEX also offers dedicated Node.js programmers to strengthen your existing development team. We provide team augmentation services, in which our resources collaborate with your team to maximize the software development efficiency and ensure the quality.

What Is Node.js?

Node JS is an open-source framework for executing JavaScript code and maintaining fast request processing. This technology is used to create real-time web applications that must process a large number of requests.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that can operate on any platform. On the client-side, JavaScript executes an action, whereas, on the server, the Node does the action. As a result, developers can use it to create full-fledged apps. Node.js may also interact with external libraries, run JavaScript commands, and, in general, is a great choice for a web server.

Without expensive hardware or additional hosting fees, Node.js servers can effectively handle thousands of requests per second. As a rule, Node.js-based software is entirely compatible with cloud services, which allow resources to be added and removed automatically. It helps to avoid a software crash when a traffic spike occurs.

What is Node.JS Used for?

Node.js is used to develop a back-end with JavaScript, allowing it to create a good match with the front-end part of the app. Developers use Node.js to build apps of all demands and sizes ensuring high scalability. Node.js is a promising technology for mobile applications back-ends, server-side apps, real-time applications, chat servers, and gaming apps.

How Can Node.js Empower Your Business?

Node.js is being used to create powerful and scalable solutions on thousands of websites. For creating web apps, this technology features a lightweight and excellent software structure. Since Node.js is a JS runtime environment based on Google Chrome’s open-source JS engine, it helps speed up processing. Contact our Node.js development experts if you have a concept or project in mind.

Why Is Node.js So Popular?

Node.js has been empowering a wide range of enterprises for over ten years and continues to be popular among developers all around the world. If you are still not convinced that Node.js app development offers limitless benefits, consider the fact that major corporations such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Linkedin, PayPal, Netflix, eBay, and Trello have adopted this technology.

IBM, Intel, and Microsoft all contribute to and support the development of Node.js. With our Node.js development services, you can get fast and scalable software. Our expertise and solution ideas are backed up by years of experience implementing software projects.

Node.js Consulting Services

Clients can also benefit from our Node JS consulting services. In the case of an existing app, we can assist you with code review, scalability, detecting performance issues, and deploying the best Node.js development practices.

Node JS consulting services guarantee in-depth advice from professional engineers on how to create a comprehensive picture of the project: architecture, app features, and software functioning. It helps you to get your application to the next level. Get in touch with our Node.js development company to create your perfect software.

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