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We create high-performance enterprise desktop, web, and mobile applications for our customers worldwide, supported by our skilled Dot NET developers. Our .NET software development company, headquartered in Lviv, has a fantastic team of experienced .Net engineers to help you with challenging projects. We build custom software for multiple industries, including Hospitality & Leisure, Fintech & Banking, IoT, Video Streaming, and more.

ELITEX develops web-based distributed systems, bespoke software, and enterprise tools using the robust and scalable Microsoft .NET platform. You can expect smooth workflow integration and top-notch web portals from our custom .NET development services. As a .NET development company, we deliver robust, secure, and scalable .NET applications to our clients. Our .NET developers can support you in both creating a project from scratch and enhancing your existing in-house development team.

.NET Software Development Solutions

Hiring .NET developers with extensive experience and knowledge of using modern technologies to fit your business objectives is essential when selecting a .NET development company to work with. Our dedicated team provides full-cycle .NET development services to deliver high-performing, user-focused desktop, web, and mobile applications.

The .NET framework helps us to create robust solutions for challenging enterprise-scale projects. This framework fits best for applications that need cross-platform compatibility but cannot afford to produce OS-specific modules. We also leverage .NET for cloud development, including services from AWS, Google, and Azure.

.NET Desktop Development

Our .NET developers build robust Microsoft Windows platform solutions, including enhancements, plugins, and extensions. Powered by our experience, we make unique desktop software for businesses of all kinds, from small start-ups to large corporations. From modernization, maintenance, and support to crafting custom solutions from scratch, our professional teams work on a wide variety of .NET desktop applications development.

.NET Desktop Development

Service-oriented Architecture Solutions

We can build service-oriented architecture solutions (SOA) for your company. These custom apps are designed to serve unique business processes associated with IT infrastructure. In the SOA approach to enterprise architecture, service providers and customers collaborate to follow the general business objectives of a company. Service-oriented architecture helps to build independent software components and gradually upgrade legacy apps.

Service-oriented Architecture Solutions

Microservice Solutions Development

Using the .NET platform, ELITEX creates scalable and resilient microservices. In this pattern, an app consists of independent modules, and independently deployable services, which make it easier to develop, test, and deploy its separate components. Microservices bring high scalability, increase the autonomy of the developers’ teams, and ensure fast delivery to the market. The web framework for .NET, ASP.NET, comes with APIs that can consume microservices from any app and includes built-in support for building them using Docker containers.

Microservice Solutions Development

Cloud-native Solutions Development

We create cloud-native solutions, highly scalable and fast apps, that operate on the cloud. A cloud-native system is optimized for the cloud and does not need a computing infrastructure onsite. Cloud-native architecture offers businesses numerous benefits: serverless architecture, enhanced customer experience, automation, scalability, and flexibility. The compatibility with the cloud-native architecture also lowers spending on development, maintenance, and backup of resources.

Cloud-native Solutions Development

Benefits of .NET Software Development

Why should your company use .NET to build your next software project? This technology has several benefits. .NET is a platform that helps us create enterprise solutions, from simple software to complex applications. The development of apps of any complexity with specialized business functions across many sectors is made possible with .NET technology, such as web, mobile, and desktop applications. The main benefit of using .NET technology is its versatility, which enables the creation of solutions for any device.

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Language versatility

The framework is language-independent, making it compatible with a wide range of languages, including VB.NET, C#, C++, and F#. Programmers can concentrate on building apps in their favorite programming language or languages while using .NET capability to make procedures built in one language available to other languages.

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Speed of development

Thanks to .NET technology, we can build software products very fast. ASP.NET Core apps, for instance, are compiled, which implies that before execution, the code is converted into object code. Compiled code is fast and effective, which results in an excellent performance. .NET platform accelerates basic setup creation for faster application connectivity.

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Cost-effective platform

The platform .NET Core, which includes technologies like ASP.NET Core, is open-source and has a large contributor community. Our .NET developers have access to a lot of tools and resources, including development environments and troubleshooting advice. It ensures time-saving and cost-effectiveness.

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Reusable code

Multiple libraries of reusable code are available through the .NET framework. This means our developers will spend less time coding, resulting in lower expenses and a quicker turnaround for your projects. With capabilities like confidential components, no-impact apps, partially trusted code, side-by-side versioning, and managed code sharing, .NET makes deployment simple.

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Interoperable Apps

.NET is an ideal solution for the development of interoperable apps that offer a perfect user experience across different platforms. Interoperability helps maximize code reuse and makes the app’s development process highly efficient. Each code and feature produced in the .NET framework can be reused on various platforms. Interoperability ensures the interaction between managed code and existing COM components and enhances several other development areas.

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Adapts to all OSs

You can deploy .NET to Windows, Mac, and Linux, and with each new release, more distributions and versions become available. Deployment is also made simple by containerization since, once it is operational on the development machine inside the container, there is no need to worry about environmental setup or deployment procedures to move it to integration or production. The container is easily moveable.

Our .NET Company Advantages

We offer end-to-end .NET application development services that can make your idea a reality as one of the top .NET app development firms in Eastern Europe. Shorter development times, optimized costs, and high-quality outcomes are guaranteed thanks to our years of experience and the deep expertise of the .NET platform. With many integrations for high productivity, security, and availability requirements, we create stunning business solutions. Our customizable engagement plans for software development can be tailored to your specific needs.

Highly-skilled .NET developers

We employ some of the most talented and qualified .NET developers in the industry in Ukraine. We have more than 50 highly qualified engineers with excellent experience in creating unique .NET apps for various business sectors. Over the past decade, we have amassed deep expertise in both frontend and backend development of unique .Net solutions. Our engineers not only have excellent .Net programming skills but also a broad knowledge of different business sectors and strong consulting abilities.

With the help of our qualified developers and years of experience, we provide businesses with best in class software products as well as safe and reliable solutions. We select .NET Core for creating scalable, high-performance, and cross-platform apps. Our dedicated .NET development team might be an efficient way to reduce software creation costs and time while maintaining high standards and innovative cooperation approaches.

What is a .NET framework and what are its benefits?

.NET platform is a framework created, supported, and maintained by Microsoft for producing web apps. It includes a wide range of integrated tools, plugins, and libraries that let programmers create highly scalable enterprise-grade apps and web services within time and budget limitations. With the use of the .NET framework, code is written in C#, Visual Basic, C++, JSCRIPT, Windows PowerShell, Iron Ruby, and many more languages.

The .NET platform makes it simpler for software developers to build various digital solutions. It suits well for creating web, mobile, desktop apps, cloud solutions, and Internet of Things apps. Nowadays, every industry is experiencing increased competition. It is crucial to streamline routine operations with an online portal for consumer interaction. Dot Net, a Microsoft-developed and maintained open-source, cross-platform framework, is very efficient in this aspect.

Hire our dedicated .NET developers

You can be confident that your company solution will perform smoothly if you hire professional .NET programmers. ELITEX .NET developers have solid experience in developing web-based apps and are well equipped with the necessary infrastructure and skill sets. We provide various engagement models, and you can select the one tailored to your particular business needs. We guarantee our partners that our dedicated development team will produce a top-quality project.

With our extensive experience, our custom .NET development company crafts apps that take into account all of the industry-specific factors to satisfy customer expectations and raise the perceived value of your services or products. Our project management team updates our customers on every advancement made to their application throughout the development cycle. Before we deliver the final product, every bespoke app we develop goes through the strictest quality assurance checks.

Our software development methodology

We adhere to the agile software development approach. To create an app development plan, our IT specialists evaluate the project’s needs, objectives, and expectations. Then we design and develop high-quality functional software that matches customers’ goals and acceptance criteria. Our method includes thorough latest development practices, testing, and client feedback to deliver the highest-quality product.

ELITEX offers various models for collaboration. With the support of our skilled engineers, team augmentation will enable you to fill staffing gaps in your project. You will receive a product on schedule and within the specified budget if you hire our dedicated staff model. With the complete .NET development outsourcing, we will create a brand-new product designed specifically for you. Talk to our specialists if you are unsure of the model to select.

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