How to Choose an IT Outsourcing Company for Your Project?

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Software outsourcing can boost your business’ efficiency. Among the advantages of outsourcing software development is the reduction of the time to market of your application, and high-quality outsourced software testing if needed, producing significant cost savings. 

In 2019, large organizations increased their IT spending on software outsourcing from 6.3% to 8.7%. Meanwhile, mid-size companies increased their expenditures from 4.7% to 6.5%.

Current global software development outsourcing trends prove that when companies choose between in-house software development vs. outsourced programmers, most of them prefer to go with the IT software outsourcing agency. All you need to ensure that your experience in outsourcing custom software development is a success, is to follow a few simple steps. 

How to Find Your Perfect Fit when outsourcing Software Development

Whether you’re looking for javascript development services, quality assurance testing services, or any other custom software development, keep in mind that outsourcing in software engineering may have some pitfalls that contradict with your business goals. Despite a range of advantages of outsourcing software development, finding a trustworthy React JS or Angular JS company to work with can be quite a challenge. But with some valuable IT tips and tricks, you will complete this mission and get as many benefits as possible. 

Research Track Record and Qualifications

Before starting your search for an outsource IT company, in Ukraine or elsewhere, set clear and transparent requirements and budgets for your software development project.

When looking for a dedicated development team, make a list of these essential points to take into consideration:

  • Domain expertise
  • Work portfolio
  • Developers’ experience
  • Client’s feedback
  • Google reviews
  • Working platforms
  • Tech expertise 
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5 Key Things to Keep in Mind if You Go for Outsourcing Software Companies

Make a list of potential candidates that seem to meet your requirements for custom web application development and set an approximate budget. Here are several points to pay attention to when looking for a software development outsourcing company

1. A clear scope of the project  

Before you hire dedicated developers, craft a software requirements specification listing all the details of the project. This technical document should describe primary tech requirements, deliverables, and expectations regarding the app development and the deadlines. 

2. Communication 

Establish convenient channels of communication with the team, make sure that developers you plan to work with have a full understanding of the project requirements and the expected deliverables. Use specific management and tracking tools, like Slack, Jira, Asana, or MS Teams, to set up online meetings for quick checkups. 

3. Quality of code  

You should have a general idea about the quality standards for your product. Make sure that your app will have proper software quality assurance. And this is what you should discuss with the team even before the kick-off of your project. Ask the company if they do code reviews, unit, and functional testing. Good code should be well-documented and well-tested, clean, and maintainable  to ensure the bugless functioning of the developed software. 

4. Specified contact point 

Make sure you have a key stakeholder on the team to act as a facilitator between you and the developers. He or she can be either a business analyst or project manager who will document the specifications and transfer your requirements to the developers’ team.

5. The nine you need for any Outsourcing Project 

  • Expected deliverables as lists of features 
  • Estimated timeline  
  • Well-defined milestones 
  • Payment schedule 
  • Code guarantees 
  • Maintenance support contract
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Contract termination clause.  
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Why not Ukraine for your IT Software Outsourcing Company?

As we explained above, finding the perfect team to outsource is not an easy task, yet entirely possible. Our recommendation here is to plan and spend some time on research and prior communication with offshore software development companies. If you have any further questions or inquiries, feel free to contact our Ukraine IT company ELITEX.

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