Hiring Nearshore Web Developers for Your Startup | A Guide

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Blog / Hiring Nearshore Web Developers for Your Startup | A Guide

Looking for high-quality software development results, startups are prone to choosing nearshore outsourcing due to the numerous benefits and reasonable pricing. IT companies in Ukraine offer nearshore development services as a popular and productive solution for both short-time and long-time collaborations according to projects’ scopes and complicity.

Why shift from in-house hiring to outsourcing?

Outsourcing is often associated with hiring specialists from faraway countries on another side of the globe, but that is only one of its kind called Offshore. Unlike that, Nearshore outsourcing means hiring specialists from nearby countries in the same or slightly different time zone. This approach solves numerous offshore possible issues, including cultural differences or poor communication that might consequently lead to extra misunderstandings and cause an unsatisfying software quality.

Finding an experienced specialist with diverse development skills and wide knowledge of programming for fulfilling all the company’s requests is a complicated and, as a result, time-consuming task. It might be next to impossible to predict, so there is no guarantee that even the best among today’s job candidates can cope with all the challenges that are going to come.

Hiring an onshore outsourcing development team solves that issue, but it still loses some points compared to cooperating with a nearshore custom software development company.

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How can your startup benefit from hiring a nearshore team

Let’s cover 5 ways how your startup can benefit from the advantages of nearshore outsourcing:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Hiring nearshore software developers saves time and costs for recruitment processes. Also, you will get lower hourly rates than onshore or in-house when you hire nearshore, for example, developers in Ukraine

2. Experienced as a guarantee

This nearshore outsourcing benefit comes as a result of the wide range of various projects that average nearshore developers face during their careers.

3. Expertise and competency

Working with numerous startups upgrades outsourcing developers’ expertise so that they might come up with better or unexpected solutions for your requests.

Additionally, you can check out our ELITEX profile on Clutch to see reviews and portfolio cases as proof of experience and competency.

4. Easy team alterations

Cooperating with a nearshore company saves you from the concern of looking for other developers in case your plans change. Usually, the company can offer several specialists for a wide range of tasks, so the number of cooperative team members can be easily increased or decreased.

5. Smooth communication and management

Close geographic proximity and previous experience of team members working together usually save a lot of time and avoid misunderstandings.

Our case studies

Here are a couple of case studies that the ELITEX team accomplished as a nearshore developer:

Peerwith  – The Netherlands-based platform for expert-led researcher services that helps academics connect with researcher service experts from across the world.

We provided a dedicated development team to be managed by the company’s CTO to do full-stack, front-end, and back-end development, as well as work on product extension.

The OA Switchboard – The Netherlands-based article-level reporting hub for Publishers, Libraries/Institutions, and Funders. It allows a neutral exchange of Open Access-related publication-level information.

ELITEX team did the front-end as well as back-end development to create a message hub built around AWS messaging services and delivered a User Interface (UI) that was most suitable for the client’s needs.

Kallik – The UK-based global labeling content management provider for regulated markets such as the pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics, and chemical industries.

Our dedicated development team provided front-end, back-end, and quality assurance services to update the client’s core web application, extend its features, and do regular maintenance.

Summing up the experience of working with startups, the ELITEX team made a checklist of steps and a template of questions to ask to find the right nearshore outsourcing center.

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Where to start with finding the right nearshore software developer

  • Make sure to determine your request explicitly
  • Write a detailed list of technologies and programming languages to be used
  • Define the scope of the project and the timeframes
  • Set your budget limits
  • Make a list of potentially interesting nearshore development companies
  • Shorten the list by evaluating if their competencies meet your needs
  • Set up consultations with the candidates
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of each company and choose the best one afterward
  • As soon as the previous points are made, sign the contract

Top questions to ask a software development outsourcing company

  • What technologies and programming languages do you use for startups like ours?
  • How can you prove your expertise?
  • Can you show examples of complete cases from your past customers?
  • What is the size of the development team, and where are they located?
  • Will we be able to communicate with all the team members in English, basically?
  • What project management and timeline methodologies the team members are used to work with?
  • Will you sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) as well as a Contract or Statement of Work (SOW)?
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Get a consultation on nearshoring to Ukraine

One of the main reasons why startups choose nearshore outsourcing is its cost-effectiveness. It helps startups to spend the budget reasonably for upgrading the business rather than paying for the developers’ next-door location. Additionally, agility, up-to-date expertise, and smooth communication make it the right choice for fulfilling project goals. Contact our team for consultation and start your journey of nearshore software development to bring your startup up to a new level.

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