Another Glowing Five-star Review for ELITEX on Clutch

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Blog / Another Glowing Five-star Review for ELITEX on Clutch

ELITEX is in the business of turning ideas into reality. We listen to our client’s opinions, their message, and what they want to achieve. Our team takes all the information and creates whatever’s needed to complete the job.

This approach has led to a lot of success for our clients, and some of that is reflected in our project reviews and feedback. This is an example of one of our recent reviews, and we’re quite happy with how it turned out.

ELITEX clutch profile

The company we were working with was just beginning its investments in the online gaming industry. They needed a partner to help develop their platform, complete with backend, frontend, and maintenance. The client selected us to be that partner because of our responsiveness, and we got to work.

We laid out all the necessary steps and plans for the project after we nailed down the system details during meetings with the client. All in all, it was a straightforward project. You can read the full review on our Clutch profile if you want more detailed information.

There is one detail that’s part of this project we want to highlight. Thanks to the collective high scores we’ve earned across all our reviews, we’ve caught the attention of another B2B platform. Top Design Firms is a platform that creates rankings of the top-performing businesses in various industries, and in the final analysis, they count us among the top Fintech software developers on their database.

This is a significant development for our team because it makes it easier to find potential clients. It also helps us quickly communicate our expertise to people unfamiliar with our industry. 

Why choose ELITEX as your ideal web development partner?

ELITEX is a JavaScript development company of 60 people based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Since 2015, we have been successfully delivering projects, as well as building engineering teams for our customers from the USA, UK & EU. Particularly, our customers are located in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, the US (NY, California, Florida), and Israel.

ELITEX’s mission is to build a lasting partnership with every customer based on solid expertise, attention to detail, efficient communication, as well as mutually beneficial collaboration. Our approach results in synergy between the customer and our team, and consequently, that’s what makes us successful. We have English, German, and Dutch-speaking Project Managers.

Learn more about the services and more by visiting our website. Contact us at your earliest convenience, and we can discuss your project. We look forward to talking about your ideas.

As has been noted, that’s not the first review of our company. Here are some other reviews you can read about us: a customer’s opinion posted on Clutch earlier, the latest study on ELITEX from GoodFirms, a trusted B2B platform, or a Manifesto’s review of ELITEX.

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