Dedicated Development Team Model: How It Works

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A significant tech talent gap in local markets worldwide pushes business owners outside their geographical area. In modern competitive conditions, outsourcing has helped many companies to not only exist but to cut their expenses significantly.

A dedicated development team is a term that refers to a business model between a client and service provider when the latter supplies software development professionals on a long term basis to focus on the development of software and projects solely.  

Pros and cons of a dedicated development team

Like any business model, it has upsides and downsides. 

Advantages of working in a team with dedicated developers or to extend your existing tech team:

  • A predictable and defined budget
  • Full control over the software development team, goals and aims
  • Ability to change the requests at any time
  • Everyday communication
  • Software development team members have a deep understanding of the client’s project
  • The team is stable and is fully committed to a particular client


  • Inefficient for short-term projects
  • Crewing can take time
  • Team management and crewing can take additional time  

Software development outsourcing in details

When you use an outsourced development team, you might hire dedicated developers. If you have a technical solution idea, but you don’t have any scope description, you can hire a dedicated team and not to worry about how to manage developers. Usually, management issues are incorporated into the outsourcing process. A dedicated offshore team model is increasingly popular, allowing groups to focus specifically on clients’ needs and fit the specifications.

The main purpose of this business model is to work seamlessly to provide quality, unique and project-specific solutions.

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Reasons to Hire an Outsourced Dedicated Development Team

1. Increase existing team

Increase and enhance your existing development team. Your company already has an in-house technical team, but there are not enough engineers to start developing new functionality or speed up the cycling network. As an augmentation of your existing team, you can hire dedicated developers. It might be your ideal option. 

2. Talent

When outsourcing, you can use top app development companies with a strong talent pool. Many emerging markets have IT sectors with an array of new professionals.

3.     Focus

Website application development companies are specifically made for the task at hand, boosting your team and allowing for focus on your project.

4.  Financial

A clear budget will be agreed beforehand between you and the dedicated tech companies and outsourced teams cost a low cost, less than local teams or fixed contracts.

5.     Flexibility

You will have flexibility with the project as it develops, tailoring the demands on the outsourcing developers as the project develops, as they will all be coordinated under one team.

6.     Customization

You don’t just have flexibility with the team’s focus, but you will have custom software development, so the software created perfectly fits your needs.

Learn more about outsourcing benefits here.

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How to build dedicated teams

To build your team, you specify what you need, control the project, and add people with specialization and dedication to your task. For example, you can make sure you have strong JavaScript expertise or any other need in the team.

Your IT partner should be capable of handling your specific needs, and outsourced will be a cost-efficient solution compared to an in-house team or an external local agency.

One popular choice of hiring affordable talents is outsourcing to Ukraine. The IT sector has grown immensely over the last years, and many international companies and corporations have made their choice towards basing their IT operations in this fastly developing Eastern European country. 

If you are looking for a reliable outsourced dedicated team, contact ELITEX, a Ukrainian trusted outsourcing partner.

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