How Global Pandemic Changed the Way We Look at IT Outsourcing

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How to Choose an IT Outsourcing Company for Your Project?

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Software Developers Salaries: US vs Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is an emerging market for scouting tech talent. We compared software development rates…

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Where to Outsource Software Development

It’s common for companies to outsource software development. Here’s the review of popular destinations -…

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Independent Ukrainian IT Media Reviewed ELITEX Office

DOU – top Ukrainian IT resource. They visited our company and wrote an independent review…

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Full Guide To Offshore Software Development

If you considering offshore software development then you should read this offshore development guide. Prices,…

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TOP 10 Reasons to Outsource React Development

Outsourcing is a way to find skilled react developers faster and cut development costs ✓…

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TOP 25 IT Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine [2020 update]

We provided the list of top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine. Do you want to…

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