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At ELITEX, our developers use Angular to empower businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals with a strong software solution. As a result, you will obtain an interactive, user-friendly, lightweight, and highly-functional app created by using the Angular framework. Hire our Angular developers to design the perfect project for your company based on your technical specifications, timeframe, and budget.

Angular for Enterprise Solutions

Working on corporate projects requires a dynamic and adaptable software development. The goal of Angular apps here is to get the greatest results possible while keeping the quality high. Angular has a predefined code style and guidelines, so it makes sure that the codebase will be both stable and maintainable, even for large, distributed teams working in parallel.

We provide end-to-end Angular applications tailored to your needs and expectations. By outsourcing Angular development to our experts, you will get your project’s requirements assessment and a dedicated team working with a thorough understanding of your company and its challenges.

Fully-Functional Framework

Angular is a fully-fledged framework, unlike React and Vue, which rely on third-party modules to generate essential functionality. This framework natively supports Web & Mobile apps. Angular allows you to streamline your project development because all of the essential elements are already in place, allowing you to get started right away. This shortens the development cycle and saves time and effort when integrating third-party solutions.

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Strongly Maintainable Codebase

Angular is a present-day framework built entirely in TypeScript, which supports static data types. Angular is opinionated and defines how to solve typical tasks, structure code, etc. So even if 100 developers will be working in parallel, the code will remain clean and maintainable for further extensions.

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Long-Term Support

Angular is designed by Google and will receive long-term support from the corporation. Angular has also amassed a large developer community that helps to improve the technology by contributing new libraries. This JS framework is ideal for long-term projects thanks to its high adoption rate, which ensures constant updates.

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Easy Testing

Built in TypeScript, Angular helps save time and resources on testing. TypeScript has enhanced type-checking capabilities, resulting in code that is clearer and easier to maintain. Unit testing is also made simple in Angular. Angular web developers can spot bugs sooner in the development process, saving time on issue fixing.

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Why Use Angular for App Development?

Angular is Google’s JavaScript framework for developing dynamic client-side applications. It is built with reusability, reliability, and performance in mind. Angular provides the productivity and scalability that Google’s greatest projects require.

Angular is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a new modern web application. It has all of the tools you will need to build large-scale applications, and its architecture allows you to reuse code seamlessly. Angular ensures the end product’s excellent quality, assists in the development of stable and high-performing apps, and makes the solutions lighter.

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Component-Based Architecture

Angular apps are made up of various independent components. This functionality is time-saving, making the most complex apps easier to use, adjust and maintain. Angular component-based projects provide better code quality. The modular structure of Angular allows you to separate functionality into reusable pieces of code. This ensures the consistency of large software applications.

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Cross-Platform Solution

Our developers craft Angular apps for a variety of platforms. They can operate on the web, native mobile and desktop devices. Angular framework is also leveraged to build Progressive Web Apps. It enables engineers to create mobile-optimized web solutions that provide a wonderful user experience when viewed on smartphones.

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High App Performance

Angular is ideal for building feature-rich web applications and websites that can handle high traffic without slowing down. Thanks to Angular’s clean code the apps run fast and ensure great performance.

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Server Side Rendering Apps

Although Angular applications are client-side and execute on the browser, you can also have server-side rendering to your app. Using Angular Universal, our software team easily improves the performance of your application. We can reduce the time on mobile and low-powered devices since the browser will not need extra time to render content.

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Modular Dev Structure

Due to Angular’s modular structure, programmers can efficiently dispatch a project’s code into buckets or modules. Modules allow us to split development tasks between engineers while maintaining clean and well-organized code. It also enables the app to be scaled smoothly. The modular structure reduces app development time and lowers costs.

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Faster Coding Process

Thanks to the framework’s technical aspects, developers can build web apps faster and more efficiently with Angular. The Angular command-line interface speeds up application development by providing a set of useful coding tools. To handle complex software challenges, Angular CLI can be enhanced using third-party libraries. Moreover, two-way data binding is a time-saving feature that automates various code generation tasks.

ELITEX Angular Development Expertise

We have been using JavaScript to create web and mobile applications, and our large app technology of choice is Angular. ELITEX developers have worked with every version of the framework, from the first Angular.js release in 2010 to the most recent version, Angular 15, released at the end of the preceding year.

Our team has the expertise you need to translate your idea into a product that fulfills your company’s goals. We can create your Angular product from scratch, add expertise to an existing app project, or assist you at any level of the Angular app development process. A team of dedicated professionals will make your app their primary focus and take full responsibility for the outcome.

Hire Angular Developers

ELITEX engineers create top-notch solutions that match the highest technical and industry requirements. We provide the best user experience by implementing the framework’s finest development practices. Angular development is the preferred choice for developing robust web and mobile apps.

To create solid custom apps using the Angular quality framework, our Angular developers use up-to-date technologies, developer tools, and techniques. To achieve the highest Angular development standards, ELITEX also provides Angular web design and UI development, technology consultation, app maintenance, QA, and software testing services.

What is Angular and what can we build with it?

Angular is a Google-developed open-source framework for building dynamic modern web apps. According to the Stack Overflow Survey 2021, it is the fourth most popular front-end web framework. Angular makes use of the TypeScript programming language, which is based on JavaScript, to reduce unnecessary code and make apps smaller and faster.

Angular’s attractive features, such as templating, modularization, two-way binding, RESTful API handling, dependency injection, and AJAX handling, enable the creation of interactive and dynamic web applications. Angular also allows the creation of dynamic applications without using third-party libraries.

Why is Angular so popular?

Building strong online and mobile applications is significantly easier with Angular. Angular includes out-of-the-box functionality, embedded security, and a component-based architecture. Angular, as a client-side solution, also includes great code reusability, data binding, templating, deep linking, and other fast development capabilities.

Outsource Angular Development

Our skilled team will do everything needed to make your Angular development project a success. We will assign to the project dedicated Angular developers, a QA specialist, and a project manager to ensure smooth communication and a fast development process.

If you are unsure whether Angular is the exact match for your project, get in touch with us. Our experts can assess your project’s needs and assist you in selecting the most suitable app development technology.

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