What We Do

ELITEX provides a wide range of services, all you wanted to get from your solid IT partner.
No matter if you want to build a huge system or a small app – we will do our best to help you.

Web Development

Business automation, startups, powerful web apps, stylish websites – we will do all of that for you!

Mobile Development

iOS and Android, native and HTML5 based, from business apps to games.


Handcrafted, creative and beautiful user interfaces, intuitive and convenient user experience and much more.


Want to make sure your website or app works perfectly? Then QA is vital for it.

IT Consulting

We have a huge experience in different IT fields. Our professionals are glad to help when you really need it.

Other stuff

Need something else? Just ask us – we are opened to your ideas.

How We Work

Requirements are different. Projects are different. That’s why we offer you to choose from 3 different cooperation models:

1. Fixed Price

If you already imagine your future product to details – then you can just give us specifications (or we will help you to prepare them), we provide you an estimate and freeze the price in advance.

Works best:

  • for small projects
  • when you know all the details in advance

2. Time and Material

If you need more flexibility, want to make decisions about your project during the process or need more ongoing work, then you can use this model. In simple words, our team is working and you just pay for actually spent hours. We send you reports daily so you always know what is going on with your project.

Works best:

  • for small and medium projects
  • when you want more flexibility

3. Dedicated Team

If you plan a big project or a startup – own dedicated team is the best option in most cases. In simple words – it is like your own employees, but they work in our office and we take care of them. You don’t have to worry about recruiting right people, holding and motivating them, providing a workplace, all the legal things and so on. We will build your own team with all the required skills exactly for your project and make them happy working for you. You just tell us what kind of people you need and in a short time you get your dream team up and running.

Works best for:

  • big projects
  • customers who want to build, improve or support their products
  • companies that want to outsource their software development, QA or other tasks
  • IT companies or IT departments who feel a lack of IT professionals

Not sure which options is best for you? Not a problem, just contact us and we will be glad to give you a free consultation!

Let's work on your exciting new project together!