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ELITEX is a boutique IT company incorporated in the UK with development center in Lviv, Ukraine. The main expertise is custom software development and building dedicated development teams for established businesses and startups.

We don’t just build products – our aim is friendship and trust with our clients. Want to get a reliable partner with clear pricing and a great service? You’ve found it. We are ELITEX. Because we are elite.

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We Are Different

We are not just another IT company. While thinking about the business, we still believe in the better world. We build a relationship with our clients and partners based on a truth and honesty. Elitex will not try to sell you services if we feel like they are useless for you. We will try to help you only where and when you really need it. And our happy customers prove that! So why not to join them? 🙂

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Our Locations

The head office of ELITEX is situated in the heart of Europe – a city of Lviv in Ukraine. Also, we have our representatives in UK, US and across the Europe.
Lviv is an old and beautiful city with its own traditions and atmosphere. In same time, it is one of the biggest IT centers in Eastern Europe, hosting 140+ IT companies and 13,000+ IT professionals. Also, it is easily accessible via direct international flights to London, Munich, Tel Aviv and other cities.

Key facts about Lviv

  • Population: 800 000, 1.3M in agglomeration
  • Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English
  • Time Zone: GMT +0200 (1 hour time difference with Central Europe)
  • Number of IT companies: 140+
  • Number of IT professionals : 6,000+
  • Number of Institutions for Higher Education: 43
  • IT graduates per year BA, MA : 2500
  • 15% of the total number of Ukrainian software developers
  • 30 direct international flights: London, Munich, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Warsaw, etc.

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